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Terrorism is the orderly use of terror or unpredictable violence against publics, governments, or individuals, to attain a political purpose. It developed from regular attack in the 20th century, to less frequent but more vicious attack in the 21st century. It is the cruelty of killing a large number of people for reasons that might only be defined as illogical. The FBI also described domestic terrorism as illegal or the use of violence within United State, and International terrorism as violent acts of dangerous to humans life that are violations of the criminal law of the US, or any state. Terrorism is an issue that has affected every minute of day. No one is aware when the terrorist organization or people might strike.

Terrorism has been with us all the way through the past and all throughout the globe. During the ancient Romans times, emperors such as Caligula and Tiberius used punishment, like execution and banishment, toward those who opposed the rule. In the 1860’s southerners to terrify past slaves and stop them from voting or to run for office created a radical group called the Ku Klux Klan. During the 19th century, Russians, Western Europeans, and the Americans adopted terrorism, and were sure the best method to get what they sought was to killing the people holding high positions in power.

Terrorism changed gradually during the 20th century. New technologies such as electricity bursting explosives and automatic weapons encouraged terrorists to act viciously and provided them with an easier way of aggressiveness. Sometimes attacks were manly from groups trying to weaken or overthrow strong existing political institutions. Different purposes and causes have characterized today’s terrorism, for instance, it is being used in anti-colonial conflicts, in countries such as, Britain, Ireland, Algeria, and France. It is being used to settle a disagreement between diverse groups in control of homeland such as Israel and Palestine. Also, it is being used in religious differences in the case of Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland and internal conflicts among the revolutionary forces and established states, e.g. Malaysia, Iran, Argentina and Nicaragua. Terrorism has not been a mean of avoiding disaster but of reaching for political success (Nathanson).

In the 20th century, terrorism went from frequent to less frequent attacks but more destructive in the 21st century. Nevertheless, the threat of terrorism is more deadly than before. The American soldiers, freedom fighters as some people call them have come to protect the innocent with no mercy. Terrorists have developed new tactics such as suicide operatives, portable bombs, and weapons of mass destruction over the past couple years. This development has resulted in hundreds, not to say thousands of people being killed or injured. People were dying for mistakes they know little about and such a case is the September 11 2001 attacks into the World Trade Center and another on the pentagon. The destructions caused by this two bomb attacks was so major that just in few hours, many families were torn apart, courage tested and the world was shaken forever. Some people sometimes become terrorists for reasons they do not know. For the case of September attack, the hijacker had probably believed they were dying for their country; unfortunately, they did not identify the true and correct basis for their existence, or their life for that matter.

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Terrorists are labeled in many different ways. Several people think that terrorists in the Middle-East are either Islamic or Muslims, which is not true. Just because one person of one faith is a terrorist does not mean they are all terrorists. To be aware of terrorism very well, first we must understand the causes; the enthusiasm to commit these acts of violence. Some State may use terrorism not in favor of their own people or other nations for a variety of reasons e.g. a wish to force the message of politics, ideology, or religion upon other nations or people. Others use terrorism to get rid of opposition among the population. In addition, the states may result to terrorism to remove typical political systems or because of panic of another system rising and being embraced by citizens. Other states use terror to control, harass, or eliminate religious, political, or radical minorities.

Individual terrorism is another act of terrorism that is different from that of a group or government. Although the terrorist’s act is very different from the other type of terrorists, the ideologies and motivation were all the same. Some of the reasons for an individual to commit a terrorist acts are: because the minorities are political and economically repressed with poor job opportunities. Furthermore, rising inflation and employment can result in people turning to terrorism in an attempt to force improvements in the workforce and economic conditions.

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Patriotism is the love of our country, homeland, to serve, support, and protect, to be encouraged by, to transform for the better, and to care intensely for fellow countrymen. During the September 11 attacks, many people portrayed a high level of patriotism, by registering with the army, donate blood, or yet as little as wearing the American colors. That love for the country is what patriotism is all about.

All the patriots support the countries laws, authorities, and interests. However, nationalism does not imply to be in agreement with whatever the president of a country and be blinded in what is happening in their countries especially the United State. One of the biggest issues in the United State is that people are feeling as if the president has used nationalism with the American people to initiate a war with other states. Patriotism is being overconfident of where you are from, and to feel affection for everyone around you whether they are narratives of that country or not. In addition, patriotism is not having hate to anyone that is foreign, or to think your country is better or strong than others (Booker 233).

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Patriotism is not doubt helpful in the importance of the country and the nation. The nation is robustly built upon the sacrifices made by the patriots. The patriots offer their time, energy, money, and well being of the nation. A patriot thinks of his country, also the greatness, and the prosperous of the Country. A patriot also wants that his motherland should be ideal in every sector.

There are also another group people who are just believed that patriotism is just superstition and it’s artificially created and maintained through a network of falsehoods and lies. These people believe that the patriotic people are being blinded by what their government is telling them. The patriots will go along with any ideas shared by the government that concerns their country. These superstitious people also believe that to be loyalty to the flag, meaning obedience and readiness to kill mother, father, sister, and brother. The September 11 2000 attack is an example that supports this very clearly this idea of patriotism. After the attack, many people wanted revenge against the people who did that heinous crime, and they signed up to go into war. These people were very ready and willing to kill blameless individuals who were not caught up in the attack. When you raise this point, the patriotic people who signed raised the points that the people who signed up may have been for battle with this state but they were standing for their country and the people who died in the attack.

The extreme form of patriotism is not pleasing because the sightless patriots do not mind for the humanity. They fail to remember that they are members of a larger society, which is called the human society. They also forget the importance of the human beings as a whole. They often forget fairness when they think of their country interest. They believe in the attitude that 'My country, right or wrong'. They commit many wrong things in the interest of their state. It is in fact not good. We ought to consider in the term of one world and humanity. We should consider a world-Government. Different people have diverse reasons why they are patriotic and how they opt to be so (Booker 233).

Since the French rebellion, the idea of the country and patriotism has engaged the mind of people. Since, the start of a state and patriotism, patriotism is hailed as a superior quality with a person. The patriots sometimes forgo their lives for the good of their own countries. This strength of sacrifice has made patriotism a highly good quality. Because there is the strength of sacrifice in loyalty, patriotism is necessity.

Patriotism is no suspicion a good quality. However, we must for all time keep away from the dark side of patriotism. We should not forget fairness and just play when we consider the interest of our own country. Therefore, patriotism is highly useful. This is because it makes the people to reflect of their own country.

Many countries in the world are still struggling to maintain freedom. Terrorists, who hate everything the world stands for, including freedom, attacked the United States on September 11 2000. Thousands of the America lost their lives. The reaction of the United State was a total war on terrorism, which threatened peace and freedom of the world. Soldiers from the world and the United State are in different countries fighting to capture the terrorists and put terrorist to a dead end. Because of the threat posed by the terrorist, fight against terrorism has become a world thing. It is never treated as a United State fight but a universal fight by all nations for the peace and freedom of the world.

Terrorism is never alien anymore because everyone is affected by it and we all need to put our acts together for a free world. The United State and the world at large have vowed should not be let threaten the democratic system and independence that we have fought firmly to defend. The cost of destruction is often death, war, and destruction. However, throughout history these suffering have been outweighed as a result of the good that they have produced. The United State and the world enjoy equality among all men, personal freedom, and peaceful existence.

Freedom is the right of every individual in the world to act as they choose. People’s freedom is taken away because of terrorism attacks. Terrorism instills fear in the minds of all and disrupts our everyday events. E.g. the bombing of the New York City, at the World Trade Center killed over 6000 people and injured the minds of all the United State citizens. This was thought to be masterminded by the Al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden. Various freedoms were taken away from the United State citizens. For example, they were denied the freedom to fly in an airplane without fear of an attack, opening a letter in the mail with no the panic of anthrax, and the simple freedom of taking a tour around the white house. Without the world putting an end to terrorism the lives that we lead will be suffering with fear of not aware of their safety.

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