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The Mobile Telephony

Most people believe that the advent of mobile telephony was one of the most unprecedented breakthroughs in the world of communication. Mobile telephony has indeed become a household name in many societies around the world with the number of people owning mobile telephone increasing by the minute. This, I believe, can be attributed to the fact that apart from being the convenient communication device that mobile phones are, most of them are also fitted with software that enable their users to access less costly internet services. Undoubtedly an unprecedented milestone in the development of information technology, mobile telephony has made easier access to information that was previously only available in complex computer laboratories located only in well established learning institutions in the urban areas.  

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The invention of the mobile telephony services has enabled even small businesses and public institutions located in remote areas to see  internet services as a reality. The success witnessed in the mobile telephony industry can be attributed to the low cost of mobile phones compared to that of the fixed lines. It is usually costly to have a fixed line fixed in ones place. This combined with the inconvenience that fixed lines bring with it  has made the mobile phones to  become the darling of many people especially the youth and those found in the urban areas (James  and Mark, 2002).

The truth,  however, is that despite all the gains commonly attributed to mobile telephony, danger may be lurking, waiting to pounce on the ardent mobile telephone user as well as the society as a whole. The use of mobile phones over long periods of time has been found to have negative effects on the health of the user. The prolonged use of mobile phones, for instance, expose users to harmful radiations that predispose them to various health problems. Medical experts believe that exposure to these radiations may make one vulnerable to cancer. Studies conducted by scientists have linked consistent use of mobile phones to brain cancer. According to the study,  people who consistently use the mobile phone for a period of more ten years are more likely to acoustic neuroma.

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The antenna masts used by the mobile telephone companies which are usually very high have been found to pose great danger to low flying aircrafts and as a result those antenna which are built closer to airports are usually required to install warning lights. Reports also indicate that these high masts usually confused birds as a result of which millions of birds have been killed near these communication towers in the US alone. A scientific study also indicated that the fall in the population of bees in the country was as  a result of the antenna masts. The above examples show that the invention of mobile phones has had negative environmental impacts.Mobile telephony has also contributed significantly to the loss of social etiquette in the society. Mobile phones ringing in social gatherings such as meetings and church services can be seen as acts of social discourtesy. This has forced some facilities to install equipments which jam signals. Communication and etiquette regarding the use of mobile has become an issue of special interest to academicians. This has given rise to the studying of the rules regarding courtesy and given them room for evaluation and reevaluation.

The cost of maintaining mobile phones have been found to be very high. Even in cases where individuals own very basic phones,  they usually end up spending hundreds of dollars in phone usage. The costs of obtaining extras  privileges such as ringtones usually results in the customers spending even further dollars. This has resulted into the families ignoring to spend on   things which should be of priority to them in a bid to sustain the use of mobile telephony.

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From the above discussions , it is clear that shutting our eyes to the evils of mobile telephony can lead only breed disaster in the long term.  While clearly not the worst invention ever made, mobile telephony does not deserve the praises many have pilled upon it as far as improving the lives of people is concerned. It is, in fact, imperative that the technology is embraced with a lot of caution due as its use may leave the human society far much worse than it found it.

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