Academic and Professional Development Plan

Education is considered by many as the key to success and personal gratification in terms of accomplishments. However, not many people who claim to educated actually use their acquired knowledge and skill to elevate their lives. In short, they tend to deviate mostly from their chosen career path and into other fields. Thus they apply little of hat they have learned. Being a scholar-practitioner ensures excellence of professional standards not to mention how much it helps one to implement research and theory aspects of what they have learned. A scholar is a person who has extensive knowledge academically and wishes to continue in t same way of academic nourishment. A practitioner on the other hand, is one who actually applies the theories and aspects found in research of a particular subject they are interested in. Indeed for one to be a successful practitioner, they must elicit discipline and high professionalism.

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Scholar practitioner in health acre administration is very sensitive because it touches on many issues of personal safety and morality not forgetting ethics. Considering the fact that combining scholarly and practitioner aspects in an individual result in professionalism and discipline, then it will be worth noting that if applied in health care administration, issues of unprofessionalism and lack of discipline will be minimized considerably. It is a fact that many health administrators are tempted to act against medical ethical guidelines in some cases. But if applied, the scholar-practitioner model will help the health care administrator decipher when to act professional and distinguish between being just a mere student of their discipline. Therefore, scholar-practitioner models in my opinion help healthcare administrators better develop their professionalism in line with their personal traits and values not forgetting their conduct as far as issues of ethics are concerned.

Academic Goals

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As far as my academic progress is concerned, it will be important to enforce academic integrity all through out my master’s course. It is important for me as a healthcare administrator to ensure that my academic aspirations are all conducted wit integrity. It is very common for many students when presented with an academic challenge to seek alternatives most of which are shortcuts. This jeopardizes completely their integrity and compromises their professionalism. In pursuing my master’s programme, I would like to refine my scholarly writing skills and specifically dealing mostly on research. This will better help me position my academic understanding of the various aspects of health care administration. In addition, I will understand more extensively what it really means to be a professional health care administrator. However, this is not to say that my learning and application of acquired knowledge will be easy. There are many challenges that range from beating deadlines and establishing good arguments for research purposes. However, affiliating myself with my school library will most probably solve the issue of research materials.

Professional Goals

Professionally, there is a lot to consider before joining health care administration as a career profession. Most health care administrators are engrossed with huge managerial workloads depending on the type of facility they are in charge of (Shewchuck, et al. 2005). Because of this factor, there are many challenges that face health care organizations that in one way or the other, affect the competency of health care administrators in general (Prybil, 2003). Some include corruption and eroded culture. If I succeed in completing my master’s programme, then I would probably want to address the issue of culture promotion among health care officials. It will definitely require the laying off of certain specific employees but will serve to change the organization for the better. As for corruption, stiffer penalties shall, be imposed on those found to practice this vice. Health care supervisors who are most prone to this vice will be subjected to monthly vetting. Transportation of medical supplies on time is also another challenge and my best way of addressing it to ensure efficiency will be the recruitment of enough staff and the acquiring of brand new vehicles (Prybil, 2003).


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Because of the magnitude and intensity of my master’s programme, i most definitely will need more resources to facilitate better understanding. I might consider studying even during academic breaks. The very fact that I am studying online is both a challenge and a benefit to me. It is a challenge in the sense that I might not be able to properly accentuate lecture lessons due to laxity on my part. It is beneficial because through the web, I am able to access a lot of information at the click of a button thus minimizing the wastage of time from accessing university libraries physically. My course also has the dynamics of ensuring tat i can not avoid talking to people. As a result, I am in a position to engage people in talks about issues arising in health care administration

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