The Role of the New Deal

One of the prominent pages of US history is the New Deal which is generally considered to be a very important period. Implemented in mid-30’s, it still remains a role model for solving certain economic challenges faced by the country and exemplifies the active position of government leading to overall improvements in various spheres. The New Deal was designed to help the country overcome the devastating consequences of the Great Depression and become a preventive measure for future crises of the kind. Probably, the best way to illustrate the contribution of this President Roosevelt’s to the history of America is stating that a part of the innovations (social insurance program, Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) exist until nowadays, thus prove their successful implementation and essential role.

The social aspect of the New Deal in terms of changing the views of the citizens on the participation of the federal government in making their lives better cannot be underestimated. Americans clearly felt that they were supported by the country, which was displayed by its keen interest in prosperity of the nation. The New Deal introduced a lot of social programs aimed at helping the citizens and securing their savings. They included, apart from establishing social insurance, a lot of steps designed to conquer unemployment and utter poverty of a large number of Americans. Moreover, these measures embraced the whole population, with national minorities and trade union members. The norms of fair labor were elaborated for all the categories of workers. The feeling of government’s support granted to common citizens at the times of the New Deal and the fact that it was so active and prolific in order not to leave the nation alone in ruins of the Great Depression made Americans trust their government more.

Economy has changed a lot since the Great Depression. However, government’s reaction at those times and in newer history can be compared. The Treasury and Federal Reserve responded in the same way as FDIC did, trying to save the investments. Mortgage crisis was also dealt with. The same way as Roosevelt did, Obama tried to save maximum job places at the cost of the national economy. Public works, however, were not paid so much attention as they were in 1930’s. An important fact is that 2000’s crisis was dealt with by two Presidents representing both parties. Thus, the reaction of government in the new millennium was also brisk and pro-active, but it owes the previous experience of conquering the Great Depression much.

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