Ancient Chinese Contributions

Ancient Chinese people made a lot of important inventions that we enjoy today. They did come up with some of the thoughts as well as products that made the life of people easier. This paper will focus on these great contributions made by ancient Chinese in the world of innovation. The ancient Chinese people made a lot of inventions and contributions that we enjoy in today`s life. Even though most of these products have been improved to make their usage more effective and efficient, the ancient Chinese are the first people to innovate these products.

The ancient Chinese were the first people to invent paper. They used three types of materials in producing paper, namely: wooden strips, silk rags and clothes.  Paper that was produced from these materials was later used for different purposes, especially in writing.  The paper was used by ancient Chinese authorities to write laws as well as pass messages to their subjects.

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Another great innovation which was made by the Chinese was compass. This invention was made to fulfill religious duties. The compass` main function was to examine if a building which was under construction faced the correct direction, this was to ensure that it was in line with the nature. Another invention that was made by the ancient Chinese was silk. They invented how silk would be harvested as well as how the same silk would be used to make clothes. The same silk would be used at times to make paper (Gordon & Peter, 1863). This innovation connected the Chinese people with the rest of the world.

The ancient Chinese people made one of the greatest inventions in the world. They invented gunpowder. Gunpowder was invented by Taoist as they did search for the answers relating to individual immortality. The gunpowder was used for fireworks and signal flares but it was later adapted for military usage.

Printing was also invented by the ancient Chinese. With invention of paper the Chinese also invented printing machines. They are the first to come up with a printer. The printer was used to print out different information on papers. The ancient Chinese are the first people who invented tea (Laufer & Berthold,1974). The Chinese people started drinking tea around 4000 years ago. Tea is one of the greatest contributions that the ancient Chinese people made in the drinks industry in the world.

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People of ancient China made great contributions in the field of medicine. They are the first people to innovate medicine. They innovated what is popularly known as Chinese medicine. They came up with massage treatments and acupuncture which have been adapted in modern field of medicine. Lastly, porcelain is another major invention that was made by the ancient Chinese people.

The ancient Chinese made the following four greatest innovations in the world: compass, gunpowder, paper making and printing. These are the most outstanding products that the ancient Chinese people have contributed to the world economy and culture. These inventions have transformed the world economy and life of mankind. (Fairbank & King,1992).

For instance, the invention of gunpowder has contributed greatly in the improvement of the military technology. These improvements have played a major role in the fight against crime and terrorism in the world. The invention has lead to creation of great industries in the world, for example, paper processing industries which have made vital contributions in the world economy by creating employment opportunities to millions of people across the globe.

Compass has been one of the greatest contributions of the ancient Chinese people in the world. It has played a major role in the military technology. It has made it easier for soldier to go to different warzones using compasses to provide directions. It has played a major role in teaching and learning geography in different institutions of learning. It has also been useful in the aviation industry whereby compass is used in flying of aircraft in different regions of the world.

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One of the greatest innovations that the ancient Chinese did come up with, that I cannot live without is printing. Printing has been one of the major innovations so far that has affected my life directly. I always undertake a part time job where by I have a small business of printing and photocopying. Through the knowledge that was invented by the ancient Chinese people I am able to earn a living as well as living a comfortable life while in school. Printing is also crucial in my studies as I am required to print a lot of academic related materials from time to time. Through printing out materials from online sources I am able to access reading materials. Therefore, printing is part of my life thanks to this innovation that was made by the ancient Chinese as it has transformed my life in a great way.

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