General Mills

The organization is a group of related members who have a common interest working together as a unit to pursue their desires. The members work in relation to a common measure to which they are targeted to achieve. The activities and services of the organization are of the benefit of the organization and their customers. The organization is directed and coordinated by those in the authority to ensure its smooth run and adequate produce. The organization should provide a valuable environment for its members to perform their duties with efficiency. Through good working places and support from the authority then the organization is likely to prosper.

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The organisation should put in mind that the people who are the customers are the most important asset and so should delver them the best services to keep a good relationship (Diane, 1994). The values of the organization should extremely be kept high for the trust t of its customers. This can only be achieved through the general services and coordination of the organization. By avoiding issues such as strike and late services which affect the consumers from obtaining the goods and services, the organization secures its place as to be trusted and endowed.

Every organization has a picture or vision of what it aims and desires and so should work to achieve it. The values of the organization are evident in the daily decision making and norms that show how people interact with one another and the customers. It is also true that every organization has got a choice to develop its own acting vacuum. The investments are of the organizations own concern. It can invest the time to proactively indicate itself to the best serve members of the organization and its customers. It is of much importance for the organization to agree upon and articulate their vision, purpose or mission, values, and strategies that are to guide all organization members. This will ensure the rights of the members and customers of the organisation are reserved.

Though the commitments of the organization it also faced with various issues and problems. It is evident that most problems that face many organizations are due to poor management of the organization. One of the major problems is communication. This is mainly to the channel through which the management communicates with its members to various issues and matters concerning the organization. This also includes the fact that not all employees receive messages or the massages though delivered they are not in time. The information also may not be sent to the right people resulting to a negative deviation in the development of the organization.

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Transport is yet another problem most organisations face more so the general mills organizations. The transportation of the raw materials from the farms is much expensive and cumbersome to handle. The transportation of raw materials requires heavy machines which are of high fuel consumption and they need high maintenance. Perishable products may also require aeroplanes for their transport. Through transportation also there are poor roads that result to late delivery of the raw materials hence inefficient services to customers.

Marketing of the services and goods produced by the organization is also another problem that is mostly encountered by new organizations. Lack of market for the services may result from poor quality services that organization delivers to its customers and so the customers deviate to products from other organizations. Organizations should ensure good services to their customers to keep a good relationship and a strong bond. By this, the organization secures a ready market for its goods services. Issues of working environment also hinder the operation of the organization. This is for example, omission of duties and inefficiency in ones activities resulting to poor quality services to customers. Every member of the organization should keep a good motive concerning his duties. Over production of products is also an issue that faces most organisations. It encompasses producing many products than the market can take. Through over production most of the products end up getting contaminating.

The implementation of technology to the organization may include recruiting and retaining talent in the organization. This includes attracting and retaining top talent and better performance for long term success. Organizations must link recruiting and talent management with strategy (Robert, 2009). Also like recruiting, talent retention is also critical component of the best practises partners as every organization strives to retain its talented employees. Hiring and on-boarding phase should not be of significant. New hires should receive various training that will enable them understand the various operations and culture of the organization. Through the training of the recruited and hired personnel, they are able to suit into the organization.

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Development of strategies that are convenient to employees is a major contribution of the organization to boost their morale. For instance, the designing of the Individual Development Plan (IDP) aims at helping in the development and understanding the needs of employees. It also articulates these requirements into a defined career path. The employee opinion is the best practice and should be used in the General Mills that benchmarks the organization from other consumer companies. Surveys should annually be administered and completed then analysis taken. The organization should be committed to leveraging technology, which enhances the HR value. The on-line services will enable employees to find information more efficiently than before.

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