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Governance and Leadership in Long-Term Care

Long-term care is a combination of various services that enable people with serious illnesses or the disabled to meet both their medical and nonmedical requirements. These services are provided to people who cannot manage to take good care of themselves for a long duration. The long-term care is relied to provide custodial and non- skilled care to these individuals especially in the normal daily activities like bathing and washing clothes (Pratt, 2010). As time passes by the long-term care as well advances in its services offered to these needy people. For instance, the long-term care provides the skilled medical services to take care of the illnesses, by giving the required prescriptions.

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The long-term care can be offered in different places depending on the seriousness of the victim. There are some needy people who require this type of acre at their homes, some in communities, and others especially who are seriously ill in nursing homes. This care can be given to any person of any age, although most people refer it as a service for senior citizens. However, 70% of the elderly populations in United States are taken acre off by their close relatives and friends (Pratt, 2010). This paper will be focusing on the impacts of the leadership on this care, and the role of organizational culture in the same.

Through the leadership of the long-term care, the nursing administrators and other management staff should be in a position to understand, arrange, and come up with individual based change to the whole organization (Koren, 2010). Through the applications of leadership, the various administrators in the long-term care services have managed to overcome the barriers that limit them to determine their effectiveness due to the unavailability of regulatory compliance and personal level control. Moreover, the assisted living administrators and other officials have managed to concentrate greatly on the marketing and improving the quality of customer services. The management team and other officials have worked towards the achievement of quality management applications that would fulfill the customers’ expectations and at times go beyond the expected level. Ineffective leadership in long-term care facilities cost the country much money like what happened 30 years ago. Through what is happening currently in long-term care leadership, there is an assurance of reduced regulatory requirements.

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Through good and effective leadership of a long-term care facility, the senior administrators especially the ones responsible for housing and community-based facilities, have managed to come up with a shared vision for facilitating training systems. This would in turn result to a more empowered staff that is responsible for the key duties in the long-term care service  (Koren, 2010). Through good governance, the long-term care services would have a positive impact on the organization culture that shows a good sense of caring and loving to these needy individuals. The effective LTC managers and the administrators build up and exercise their quality management applications through doing things, as they are required.

For a long period, these leaders have proved to possess a special passion for providing customers with high quality services even surpassing their own internal standards. Through the continuous learning and advancement of leadership characteristics, the leaders and other officials have been able to ensure that the required services to be offered to the customers are available. Good leadership would always lead to the entire LTC achieving its set targets, as there are ways of motivating the employees that are applied (Pratt, 2010). Leaders are known to come up with the ways of rewarding the best performers as a way of motivating them in their work, as well as awakening those employees who may be lagging behind.

The organizational culture is the general values and norms that are existing within an organization, and they determine the level at which the organization especially the employees relate with one another, and with the other stakeholders. For instance, in the long-term care services the practice of good leadership has a very positive impact to the stakeholders. When the management and the employees are doing their duties as required, customers who are part of the stakeholders would benefit a great deal (Pratt, 2010). The culture of a good reputation of long-term care service would attract as many customers and investors as possible. No one would like to risk in investing in an organization with a bad reputation because of limited continuity.

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There is a very slow improvement of quality of services offered in long-term care, whose cause is not the administrators or the managers. The leaders in LTC have always shown the heart and strong will of delivering high quality services. The major challenge that is drawing back the efforts of these leaders is lack of training and support systems to assist them (Miceli, 2008). Through the availability of the training and the support systems, the leaders would be in a position to solve the crisis management, come up with a reliable vision, and develop the culture changes and other attributes that are needed for the vision to be accomplished. For the long-term care to embrace change of qualities of its services, there is need to add some more resources to assisting in coming up with more effective leaders who would deliver the services as they are required. The provision of training programs to these leaders would be the best initiative for advancing the skills of the leaders and the managers. The inclusion of partnerships, and some experts to add more value to the skills of the leaders would create more opportunities to the LTC and improve the quality of their services.

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