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McDonald's Company

Nowadays McDonald`s is considered to be one of the world`s largest and most popular chains of fast food restaurants that is serving more than 68 million customers every day in about 120 countries. Ray Kroc joined the McDonald`s Company as a franchise agent in 1955 (Cross, 1972). However, he was the person who made this chain well-known worldwide. We need to underline that this company is rather independent from the internal subjects of the international markets. They are producing all the ingredients for their burgers, all the transportation is independent and is presented by the company itself. We have the situation when the quality of your product has been going down, while your operational costs are going up. The task of this paper is to figure out the possible ways to fix the situation in which the income falls down dramatically.

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McDonald`s chain of restaurants is developed due to the franchisee, affiliate, or by the corporate strategy of development (Samuel, 2009). Thus, even such marketing planning and strategy may have certain disadvantages. We need to underline that the annual revenues come from the rent, money are got for franchisees and royalties. Actually, the research held in 2015 shows that McDonald`s is the second in the rating of the most successful employees (Derdak &Pederson, 2004).

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We need to consider the best plan for such crisis situation. Firstly, we need to pay maximum attention to the quality of products that we used in production. Here we need to organize the extra department of control over the products and mechanisms used for the production. The next element we need to underline is connected with customers and their attitude to the McDonald`s company. Usually, such kind of research gives the information for the future activity in the field of improving the relationships with the customers. Here we may speak about the human resource management department and public relation department, as they are mostly linked to internal and external environment of the company. To increase the loyalty of the customers we need to improve quality (it was said above) and show sincere interest to each customer (here we need to underline the necessity of special events held for birthdays, holidays and directed to every customer specifically).

Moreover, McDonald`s is working on the franchise model and it means that the quality of products in all the restaurants should be the same. There is a need to check whether all the conditions of franchise are followed. This is the task for special department that works with this type of agreements and commercial department.

Operational costs are the matter of concern for the commercial department of the company. In order to understand the issue and the main reasons for the increase of the operational costs the research of the financial reports should be done. Here we may admit the value of the production forces (equipment, techniques), costs of the transportation, and research all the extra expenses that influence the cost of the production (Horovitz, 2011).

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Strategic management is considered to be the best way of planning the main aspects of the company`s activity and its prevention from the non-rational expenses. Only researching the financial reports and control over the quality of products may give objective vision on the total situation concerning income and expenses on the local and international markets. Ray Kroc developed this company in the key point of franchising and helps it to become famous chain of the fast food restaurants all over the world. Nowadays, reputation of its products and service is the greatest value for the company. This is the reason to pay maximum attention even to details that may cause the decrease of customer’s loyalty.

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