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Leadership is an attribute of an individual’s capability to efficiently handle, lead and even organize a group of people or organizations towards attaining set objectives. This paper is an illustration of the leadership skills of Sheikh Mohammed, Dubai’s leader. In this research we will review character traits that leaders possess as well as project them onto Dubai’s future development.

  1. Sheikh’s leadership style

Sheikh’s leadership style can be termed as transformational (Langton, 2016). His style has translated into a clear vision of how he would like Dubai to progress in future which is coupled with a clear understanding of what the society expects of him. The article cites immense changes that Dubai has gone through during his reign. He has been noted as being a key person in the founding of the Emirates airline, as well as establishing the construction of the Palm Jumeirah. These are some of the great symbols that have made Dubai gain world recognition. Such examples clearly depict Sheikh´s commitment to bringing Dubai into the 21 century, both in its infrastructure and technology.

Despite all the ongoing projects of development and management tasks, he still finds possibility to get in touch with ordinary people, as he considers this to be an important step stone in the great leadership. His interaction with his subjects through the twitter enables him to identify their vital needs and thus build a feasible plan how to fulfill them.

Leadership Traits

Leadership is anchored on having several distinct traits that set one apart from the rest of the people. One of the major characteristics of a leader is humility (Booher, 2016). Sheikh is clearly perceived as a humble leader. Despite being at the helm of the leadership, he spares time to answer various questions from his subjects via the local radio. He even notes that a leader derives no power from his position but rather from his ethics and his subjects’ love for him (Langton, 2016).

Tolerance is another character trait that differentiates a suitable leader from the rest. This trait is also showed by Sheikh who despite his nation slipping into chaos, never ceased to do good to everyone at all times. He promoted the idea of equal respect to people of different origins, who come to seek a better life at a new place. This is the major reason why Dubai has become an attractive city to live in for uncountable people.

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 In addition, optimism is a vital feature that every responsible leader should have. Optimism encompasses having a positive attitude always, being able to find a development possibility where others find only problems. It also includes an ability to remain strong in order to rise above any obstacles, confronting any challenges as well as triumphing in areas that may be seen to be impossible to succeed.

  1. The future of Dubai and UAE in general

Drawing lessons from Sheikh’s style of leadership, we can argue that the future of Dubai and the UAE, in general, is full of optimism. Sheikh’s vision is to see Dubai transform into being a city whose inhabitants’ standards of living will be improved and technology would be in use in almost all fields of life, from controlling all the traffic from a central point to paying bills via smartphones. Therefore, this will be a city where the welfare of humanity will be the major priority making it be a desirable place to be for more people from all over the world in future.

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All this would be attainable as it has been already demonstrated through Sheikh’s leadership ability. In a decade, he has already set Dubai on a development path and he remains positive that the nation can even make more strides towards the development.

As illustrated through this paper, leadership is the position of being able to drive a society towards desired development and thus leadership should be anchored on a transformational pillar. However, it is paramount for a leader to possess some unique traits such as humility in order to remain in control and see the situation clearly. Furthermore, a nation whose leader is keen on reforms and possess adequate leadership traits will no doubt achieve a lot in development.

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