Examples of Personality Disorders

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, fourth edition (DSM-IV) define personality disorder as a pattern of experience and behavior that is drastically different from the norm (Millon and Grossman, 2004). For an individual to qualify for a personality disorder test, he must have a failure of at least three areas of thinking, which includes mood, relationship issues, and control of impulse. Individuals suffering from personality disorders are very hard to get along with; they tend to be violent and do not care about the consequences of their action to other individuals in society.

Personality disorders are classified in many groups. Some include paranoid personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, and narcissistic personality disorders among others (Segal, Coolidge, and Rosowsky, 2006).

An example of a person who qualifies for personality disorder diagnosis is the late Saddam Hussein the former president of Iraq. Saddam Hussein was a president who lived in fear of the people surrounding him. Hussein did not trust the Western countries with the biggest enemy being the USA. As a result, Hussein was always suspicious of the activities of other nations leading him to view the world as a dangerous place. Hussein was a leader who did not trust people even his close allies. He never confided to anybody, and viewed other nations as the main source of the exploitation of the rights and freedoms of his people. Thus, Hussein had formulated grudges against nations he perceived to be his enemies such as the USA (Segal, Coolidge, and Rosowsky, 2006).

Following the diagnostic and statistical manual, Saddam Hussein qualifies for the diagnosis for the personal disorder. The most likely personality disorder that Hussein qualifies for is paranoid personality disorder. This is because a paranoid individual portrays most of these traits. In addition, they love staging confrontation against those they perceive as enemies.

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