What do the Terms Love and Intimacy Mean

Intimacy and love play a crucial role in the life of each person. They both can be treated as interrelated and interdependent. It is worth mentioning that these terms can be interpreted differently by different people because each of them will focus on something specific for him/her, and experiences will be taken into consideration.

Intimacy is a feeling when one person is in the very close relationships to the other one. Intimacy can be physical and emotional. There are several stages of the emotional intimacy. The first stage is sympathy when one person begins to pay attention to some peculiar feature of the other. A person aims to clear out in detail what this specific thrill is. This wish for learning it leads to a dialogue between these two persons. The dialogue plays a crucial role in the relationships because it is like a bridge that helps two persons meet. It does help find out all merits and faults of these two. Persons begin trusting and supporting one another. They become very close in their relationships and start taking care of one another. With each tiny moment spent together, they begin realizing that they do want to be the only unique whole in this world. So, it is love that comes.

Love is defined as an emotion when two persons start feeling to one another. Love can be explained in many different ways, and every person will always give his/her own definition because he/she has his/her own point of view concerning this debatable question. This notion has been discussed for many thousand years. In order to explain love, it is better to use an example. For instance, love can be represented as a building or better a huge pyramid which consists of different small bricks. All bricks play a key role in this magnificent construction. When two persons try to do their best to find the way out from the terrible situation, they help and support each other. So, there are two bricks put in the pyramid, they are support and help. When two persons do try to understand each other, find a mutual decision, a new brick appears, and it is a mutual understanding. Life of people is full of minute moments when they can give way to their emotions. It does matter that most of these moments should be positive because they help represent wonderful feelings and emotions, and they, in their turn, will form these small bricks and the great pyramid with love to be on the top. 

In conclusion, each person in the world experiences intimacy and love and has his/her point of view concerning these terms. It is a very complicated task to give the exact definition of these two notions. It is evident that love and intimacy are interdependent and interrelated. 

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