What is the Relationship between Families and Gender Roles

It is necessary to stress that the relationship between families and gender roles is evident. A child inherits parental behavior and this influences his/her future attitude towards a spouse and children. This phenomenon happens in both extended and nuclear families. In the majority of cases a nuclear family is defined as a marriage of two people, where one of them is working to earn money to support a spouse and children and another person does the work about the house and takes care of other family members. It is the best sample of a family, when the duties are distributed among the spouses. Children see this and act the same way in their own families some time later.

The phenomenon of equal parents occurs when the both spouses work very hard and share all the duties about the house. Their children are taught to do the washing, ironing or something else to make the parents’ life easier. This sample of behavior and the distribution of gender roles positively affects children and they grow as responsible people who are able to take care of themselves and others. The situation is different in junior-partner/senior partner model of family. In this model only one spouse is responsible for all domestic duties and earns money for the family. As a rule, children are selfish and can do nothing about the house if they see such sample of behavior. They may look for a spouse in order to get care and attention without giving something back.

It is necessary to stress that when a child observes one and the same behavior demonstrated by his/her parents (or parent) every day, he/she is expecting or refusing a certain occupational segregation by gender. One percepts the distribution of gender roles he/she sees and uses them in a would-be family of his/her own.

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