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This is a journal research article that seeks to identify how legalization of abortion has decreased the rate of crime in the United States. The article is a review of existing researches only use the information gathered to make the readers see the argument presented. Unlike a new research that involves the practical gathering of data and its statistical analysis to test the credibility of a given hypothesis, the article only borrows ideas from different scholars and uses them as evidence. However, the research does not only state the facts arrived at by other researchers but its uses their findings to come up with new conclusions that are statistically analyzed. The kind of research involved is secondary research since it does not entail any physical collection of completely new information. It can further be classified as explanatory research since it tries to explain how the legalization of abortion has led to the reduction in crime levels in the nation.

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Major findings in the article

According to the article, abortion has led to a decrease in the level of crime since its legalization. The authors argue that at illegalization of abortion leads to the birth of children at the wrong timing or without adequate preparation. Consequently, the children born in that period fail to receive the right education and only lead miserable lives as their parents ill often have dropped out of school and are leaving from hand to mouth. Faced with these eventualities, these children lack the right foundation for a prosperous future and in the process opt to fend for themselves through criminal activities.

The legalization of abortion has offered girls an option to get rid of unwanted pregnancies that further complicate their lives. To support this claims the article states that the between the years of 1970s and 1980s, there appears to have been a considerable decrease in the level of unwanted births due the availability of the abortion option. Evidence of crime rates before and after the legalization of abortion also indicates that there is an indirect relationship between the two. For instance, the statistical analysis of crime records indicates that for every 100 abortions that occurs in 1000 births, cohort crime is reduced by ten percent. Moreover, many of the criminals in the cohort studies consist of people born before the age the legalization of abortion. These people are responsible for half the crimes that occur nationally. The monetary gain due to legalization of abortion is estimated to be $30 billion dollars annually(Alesi, 2012). Lastly, the article defends its claims by stating that it does not advocate for abortion but rather for other fertility intervention measure that could help reduce the rate of unwanted pregnancies and thus keep crime controlled. All figures used in the defense of these findings are obtained from reliable sources(Joyce & National Bureau of Economic Research., 2004).

Article and sociology

Sociology can be termed as the study of groups, how they are formed and all the matters that concern them. It is also concerned with the social set up of people. Abortion determines the rate at which these groups are formed and the quality of its members. For instance, illegalization of abortion will lead to an increase in the number of unwanted pregnancies that might in turn fuel the crime rate in society. This will consequently affect how people relate amongst themselves as some develop criminal tendencies(Joyce & National Bureau of Economic Research., 2006).

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Difference with other articles

The difference between a scholarly journal article and the magazine articles is purely of the validity of the data presented. For instance, every journal article has to be based on facts that can be verified by a group of professionals in the subject area. Once, reviewed and the issues presented are found accurate, then the article is published. However, magazine articles are based purely on other people’s opinions and do not necessarily have to true to be published. The similarity in the two is that they both seek to enlighten the public on a certain truth.

Custom Article on Abortion essay

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