Criminal Victimization

1. The deviant place theory best explains how people become victims of crimes. This is because more often than not people are cautious in their ordinary activities but because crime lives in our midst we find ourselves victims of various crimes hence we re all victims of crime on the basis of living among crime and criminal. Indeed, this becomes a complicated since it’s not possible at all to identify a potential criminal by look of the face since people we trust more turns against us. For instance it’s natural to trust religious leaders but they are also perpetrators of rape and other crimes, (Rebecca, 1999).

2. Crimes are shaped by various factors depending on the nature of the crime. Crimes like rape are occasioned by the offender’s inability to control their feelings whereas robbery is contributed by greed of money and properties as well as effects of such things as hard drugs addiction and hopelessness. Hence the form of determinism depends on the type of crime, (Hope, 1996).

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3. It is true that there exist two schools of thought as far as crimes are concerned. Rational choice theory on routine activities theory indicate that criminals plan very carefully on how they are going to do their crime hence people who are affected are those who engage in day today routine activities. The classical school of thought views crime offenders as deliberately involve themselves in crimes as a matter of choice. The criminals can be able to control themselves. For instance one can avoid sex gratification that can lead to crimes such as rape, (Shannan, 2006).

4. The Victim Precipitation Theory indicates that the behavior and subsequent character of an individual would contribute to his/her victimization. The best policy here is to engage in post-crime guidance and counseling that will protect and guide these victims in making respective decisions. Rational Choice Theory determines that a person decides rationally to engage or risk committing a crime regarding his/her personal social, economic and political environment i.e. financial status, political status and social consequences. A perfect policy in this theory would be specific deterrence. The policy promotes punishment of respective deviants so as to prevent them from doing it again. It’s based on the foundation that motives and rationales behind the specific original crime could be delineated through a rational use of punishment as a sanction so as to extinguish the problematic, (Hope, 1997). Examples of punishment can include the highest corporal punishment and shock testing, mandatory arrests and respective alignment i.e. community service.

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