Hurricane Sandy

From natural disasters that have hit the United States of America in the past, like hurricane Katrina and Sandy. There should be a way of reducing the effect of damage caused by natural disasters. As of the latest example of a super storm by the name hurricane sandy .Where on 29th October 2012, the Eastern seaboard of the USA, was hit by the most disastrous hurricane ever witnessed since the Hurricane Katrina. From our research, we have found that it devastatingly swept over 8 states. Furthermore, about 50 million people are estimated to have been in the path of the hurricane and thus were affected. The hurricane also affected lives of those who were in the areas where the hurricane hit.

From the statistics which has been done, at least 56 people are said to be dead due to the strong destruction of the hurricane, and the other 683 people have been critically injured (Borenstein, 2012).We thus suggest that the best way to assert this kind of damage is to compare it to hurricane Katrina. By now Katrina is the most destructive super storm to ever hit the United States of America. The inability of the U.S.A to handle this kind of damage, gave a wakeup call to disaster management institutions like FEMA to come up with ways to handle such disasters in the future. This will include the study of weather patterns caused by the rise in global warming. However, it should be noted that information about hurricane Katrina is taken from NOAA (national climatic data center).     Billions of dollars are being used to rebuild bridges, subways and roads that were destroyed. Also power generating stations and gasoline stations are being rebuilt so that American citizens can resume their normal lifestyle. Nevertheless, the process of rebuilding will take a long time and so all the organizations that are involved in this process should speed up in their activities. It is also noted that although hurricane Sandy affected a larger area than Katrina did, the cost of rebuilding is anticipated to be less than after Katrina. We also discovered that the loss of lives is considerably smaller than that of Katrina even though the storm was stronger.

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It is noted that even though Sandy affected many states than Katrina the cost of cleaning up is expected to be less.

However, this disaster has taught us a tremendously valuable lesson due to our inability to respond to the damage caused. This will help because the next time such an occurrence we will be ready to fix the damage. America has suffered a serious loss that needs every single individual to sacrifice him or herself to fit the damage that has been done. Organizations like the Red Cross and even FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should become acutely enthusiastic in fixing all the damages that the hurricane has caused.

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