Interview Paper

Children are highly valued and parenthood is a blessing. Parents are the creators of the society and the molders of humanity. For Salandra Pierre, parenthood is a nightmare that she wishes it should end for it trapped her unawares. Being a single mom is not only a challenge to mature single mother but it is also a situation that calls for maximum patience, perseverance and hard work. However, for most teenage single parents like Salandra Pierre, life is always one big disappointment. They are mostly scared of the future, naïve and cannot understand even the simple ways of being a parent. at age 16 and pregnant, even if married, teenage are always unable to bring up their children because they are not yet mature enough to understand ways of handling the children, training them on basic principles of morality, provision of basic needs and pursue their studies at the same time.

Salandra Pierre is a member of a blended-family with five family members; her step-father, mother and step-sister and step-brother. Her family members are strong believers of the Christian faith and they believe so much in the marriage institution. Moreover, she is the first-born and the parents expected her to lead the sibling by example. When she gave birth to her beautiful daughter, her mother was totally annoyed in her. The family thinks it is a very big mistake for her to have children out of wedlock, thus she is a disappointment to her family. Initially, she did not understand why the family was so bitter about her situation yet her mother too was once a teenage single mother before remarrying her current step-father. She never liked how the family treated her and kept on scolding her for a little mistake that she made. At one point in life, she felt like life was so empty and she desired to take away her life. When she was pregnant, some of her friends had to cut relations with her because she was considered a bad example to the rest. Moreover, she had to cut her studies during the gestation period.

She does not like the idea of mentioning the father of her child because the father abandoned her and her family does not want anything to do with that young man as long as she wishes to get support from them. She thanks the church and Christian faith for making her accept her situation. Her Christian faith has driven her to accept her situation and move on with her life. She appreciates her faith and all she can say is, "I have faith in my God" and hopes that God will perform more wonders and miracles until she succeeds in upbringing her child. She has learnt one big lesson and faced a great challenge of her life that she does not wish other young ladies to undergo. She has also joined the youth group in her church and she is trying to advise the youth to avoid irresponsible sexual behaviors that may land them into same trouble like her. She is positive about her child upbringing and future, though she regrets the irresponsible acts that made her to be a young mother. She once thought that her future was doomed and she had no life. Currently, she is undergoing a pre-natal course in branch of nursing. She is really working hard for the sake of her child and hopes that God shall reward her efforts and grant her another chance so that she may be able to support her child’s development fully.

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