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Importance of X-Rays in Fighting Terrorism

Terrorism is an illegal act of terror. It is aimed at causing terror. The terrorists target innocent public. Recently in the world there have been increased acts of terrorism. This has been propelled by high technology globally. All the countries in the world are trying to prevent acts of terrorism in their country in order not to lose their citizens. Many measures have been put in place to ensure that there is tight security, (Schneie, 2004)

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One of the highly used measures of ensuring security is the use of X-rays. Institutions either government or private are using X-ray technology to ensure there is security. The technology is used at entrances of organizations to ensure that terrorists don’t get into the premises of the organizations with explosives. We have seen metal detectors been installed in many institutions worldwide.  The metal detectors use the X-ray technology. This is a technology whereby the X-rays, being stronger than the normal rays penetrates through objects and detect explosives. For instance in the airports high technology is used to detect explosives and drugs. You are asked to pass through a metal detector. The items you have go through an X-ray system. The machine used in the airport use a dual-energy based X-ray system, (Staple, 2001).

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The use of X-rays has however had challenges as a result of growing technology. For instance terrorists can carry explosives in their electronic machines like laptops. This is really a challenge since the metal detector after detecting the metal the terrorist will claim that it’s just a laptop. Experts have in the recent past encouraged the switching on of such machines just to ensure that they are working and they are not just meant to transport explosives. This however is not enough since the terrorists can still carry an explosive in a laptop or any electronic device that is working. As a result higher technology is being used. A piece of cloth is usually rubbed on the machine and then to the sniffer. The sniffer is used to detect any chemical used to make explosive and it has proven to be working well, (Yu, 2010).

In many institutions, metal detectors using X-rays will be enough especially in remote areas. This is because most terrorists use metal bombs or explosives that can be detected by the detector. The metal detectors have really played a role in stopping terrorism since cases of institutions bombing has reduced especially where the metal detectors are used. The terrorists have now started targeting open places which are highly populated like streets, church crusades and market places. This has happened in the east where the country Kenya in east Africa has received a number of attacks in the streets, transport public busses, market places and church crusades. After a research about the country it can be seen that many institutions have installed metal detectors and that’s explains why the terrorist groups have not been able to hit any institution in the country.

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In conclusion, X-rays using metal detectors have really played a part to fight terrorism. Advances are made on the technology and in near future more stronger rays are going to be developed. It is thus the duty of all the institutions to ensure that they install metal detectors at the entrances of their institutions and this will help reduce the acts of terror. This will also ensure that the premises of the institution are safe and no fears will exist amongst workers or employees of the institution. It should be noted that security is very important if any institution have to achieve its goals and objectives. If terrorism would be stopped, the world will be a better place to live with no fears or terror at all, (Leslie, 2004).

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