Nutrition in Modern Society

A common scenario in modern society when it comes to healthy eating is that many people do not take the right diets. It is important the Americans to realize that healthy eating usually do promote creativity in the society and should be encouraged at all cost. Research has revealed that many people are consuming large amount of food, however, this food is not adding value to their bodies. They tend to consume food which does not contain important nutrients that are crucial for the development of body organs. It is alarming to note that majority of the people in the modern American society are overweight but at the same time they are undernourished. They consume food that has no nitrous value to their body. Food that is rich in calorie is cheap as well as readily available in all parts of the country, but when it comes to a healthy meal it is very expensive and at the same time it is usually very hard to get a healthy meal at many eating establishments in the USA.


One of the outstanding problems of present civilization is malnutrition. It is evident no matter whether we take into consideration the issue of malnutrition caused by poverty or shortage of food in developing countries or if we take into account abuse of diets in the developed countries, we will realize that the modern society is faced with a great problem of malnutrition due to unhealthy eating habits of people.

It will take us courage to accept the fact that due to ignorance as well as lack of interest in the various needs of our bodies, unhealthy eating habits are causing serious harm to our health. However,  there is light at the end of the tunnel as the modern society is coming to the realization that healthy nutrition is important as it helps us to consume what is useful to our bodies. This new found curiosity is not directed at the habitual dietetic or scientific fields. But, it revolves around an up-and-coming specialty of nutrition which includes not only the features of various types of foods but tends to explore source of food quality as well as the holism of the person consuming the food.

Our markets are full of many artificial foods that are unhealthy for our bodies. Many companies take advantage of the ignorance of the people on matters of nutrition and sell products of low quality and which have negative impact on our health. There is need for us to focus on the type of food we take in order to minimize some of the unhealthy eating habits in the modern society that may cause malnutrition as well as other unhealthy eating illnesses.

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This paper seeks to investigate the patterns of modern society nutrition, challenges that are experienced in the modern societies due to poor eating habits. The paper will also discuss in details the various problems that arise from poor eating habits. The study will also come up with recommendations on what need to be done in order to improve the modern society’s nutrition habits.


Nutrition in the modern society takes different dimensions. Many studies have been carried out to investigate the modern day nutrition. These studies have revealed that there are many problems that people are experiencing due to poor eating habits. There is also high level of illiteracy in matters related to nutrition leading to high cases of diseases and health problems that are related to poor eating habits. Due to poor eating habits many people in the modern society are faced with some health problems that are manageable if proper eating habits are employed. Obesity is one of the common nutrition related problems in the modern American society. Studies have indicated that poor eating habits have accelerated the rate of growth in obesity in the society.

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Obesity is one the medical condition whereby the body has excess fat that is accumulated and this can result into a number of health complications, thus, reducing the life expectancy of the affected people. It also leads to increased health problems of the affected persons. Obesity increases the chances of an individual to suffer of a number of diseases such as sore sleep apnea, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and osteoarthritis.

Obesity is on the rise in America. The southern region is leading in the cases of obesity where one third of the people are obese and the remaining two third is overweight. The recent repot that was released by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that the cases of obesity are on the rise in the American society. There are many factors that contribute to this alarming trend in the society. Various studies have shown that eating habits as well as cultures plays a major role in increasing the cases of obesity in the society. Many studies have noted that the grocery gap is caused by the affordability as well as the availability of nitrous food. The levels of incomes as well as the level of education largely contribute to the high rate of obesity in the American society.

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Lack of proper education on good eating habits is one of the major factors that have accelerated the rate at which obesity is increasing in the American society.  If the rate of obesity is to be reduced in the American society there is need to educate people on the various problems that come with poor eating habit. There is also need to come up with programs aimed at making various nitrous foods cheaper for the large part of the population to afford them.

Obesity has impacted the American society in a negative way. The mortality rate has been on the rise as a result of illnesses related to obesity. Studies are indicating that many people are dying because of the illnesses caused by obesity (Robert, 56). These deaths are preventable if people can be educated on the right eating habits that will increase their life expectancy as well as assure them healthy lives.

Obesity has impacted the insurance sector in a negative way. The health insurance covers are now expensive for many due to the increased risk rate for the obese patients. The insurance companies are of the view that obese people are more likely to become ill compared to a normal person. This assumption has lead to increase in cost of health insurance cover for obese persons. Obesity has also affected the transport industry. Due to the sizes of their bodies majority of the obese people can not be accommodated in normal seats in vehicles or aircrafts. This has lead to rise of social discrimination for the obese people because they are seen as the cause of a number of problems in our transport sector.

Unless measures are put in place to educate the people on importance of adopting good eating habits future generations faces a big problem when it comes to cases of obesity. Lack of knowledge regarding proper nutrition will lead to high cases of obesity among future generations (Elena, 45). This lack of knowledge is likely to increase health problems that are caused by poor eating habits/unhealthy eating.  Therefore it is alarming that in future the cases of obesity are likely to be on the rise unless measures taken to educate people on the importance of healthy eating.

Nutrition in modern society is characterized by overeating. One of the major causes of this unhealthy habit are companies which employ marketing as well as advertising tactics that encourage people to overeat. The companies are employing images that encourage people to make poor choices regarding what to consume (Montgomery, 20). It is important to realize that advertising and marketing has an important role in influencing behaviors of people. Through various billboards, posters and commercials many people are mislead, especially, the yougth to overeating (Montgomery & Pasnik, 34). These ads make us believe that the food that they are encouraging to consume has high nutritious value and, in most cases, this is not the case as the food is of low quality and causes heath-related complications.

Modern technology and farming have greater impact on our environment. It influences our eating habits and, in most cases, it leads consumption of the products that are not good for our bodies. Modern technology has lead to rise of artificial food stuffs as well as beverages. These artificial products contain unhealthy nutrients. These products have played a major part in increasing the cases of overeating thereby leading to the rise of obesity among people in American societies (Tomkins, 140). On the other hand, modern farming has impacted our environment in a negative way. The method of farming that is employed today leads to pollution of the water and soil. The various products that are used to improve productivity of the farms affect people’s health.

In modern American society people are moving toward pre-packaged as well as fast moving fast food diet. This behavior has resulted into poor eating habits of the people. Most of the foods that people intake are of low nutritious value (Packaged Facts,14). This has resulted in the rise of health problems that are related to poor eating habits. This has impacted the American society in a negative way because there has been rise of cases of death and diseases, thereby raising the cost of health care in America.

The modern society is characterized by students taking lunches at school. In most cases the type of food that is provided in school tends to be of low nutrient values. The food usually lacks some important nutrients for the healthy growth of the student bodies. Lunches at school leads to overeating among students (Watson, Zinyowera, and Moss, 145). The unhealthy eating habits among the students lead to high cases of obesity in the society.

Nowadays, many people like eating pizzas. These meal in most cases tend to be of low nutrition quality. As result many people who take them are malnourished and may developed health complicated problems. Many private individuals are working hard to influence the type of food that student consumes so that they can benefit from these changes. The kind of programs that they want to introduce will increase the rate of unhealthy eating behaviors among the students (Nestle, 67).

In the modern society, times are tough for farmers in comparison to the 1990s. The cost of farm inputs has increased today in comparison to the 1990s. Hard economic times, climate change, the issue of modern technology have also made farming a tough ativity. (Platt,23).

Many people in the modern society have employed poor eating habits. These habits have been caused by influence of the advertising and lack of awareness of the harmful effect the junk food has. Poor eating habit has contributed negatively to the various sectors of the economy. The levels of creativity have been adversely affected by poor eating habits among the American people. The cost of living has been on the rise due to the increased cost of health care caused by the rise in number of illnesses that are related to poor eating habits.


This research paper has revealed that in the modern American society majority of the people are consuming less nutritious diets. This has been triggered by the lack of awareness concerning good eating habits. There is an urgent need to educated people on the importance of adopting good eating habits that will help them overcome some of the health problems.

Education programs needs to be enrolled in various parts of the country with the help of various media channels on nutrition in order to help people understand what is good for the healthy growth of their bodies (Pellett, 6). There is also the need to write various nutrition journals and articles guiding people on healthy eating. These journals and articles should be written in a simple language that is understandable by the average reader.

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People should be encouraged to adopt natural nutrition rather than artificial nutrition. This will play a vital role in reducing the number of health problems that are related to poor eating and drinking habits. Therefore, if measures are taken to ensure that nutritious foods are cheap and freely available in the American society, we will move from the current state of high levels of health problems that are related to poor eating habits to a healthier society. This will save the future generations from risk of overweight and obesity. It will also play a great role in reducing the cost of health care in the American society.

In conclusion, there is need for people to develop good eating habits and get information on various nutritious food and beverages and this will reduce the mortality rate in the American society.

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