The Role of Discussion Group in Improving a Student’s Performance in School

Topic Interest

I have chosen to research on the role of discussion group in improving a student performance in school. I have decided to work on this topic because many scholars have put emphasis on the importance of group discussion as one of the way that a student can improve his/her performance in school (Bartlett 102). Majority of the students who engage in a group discussion are said to perform well in school in comparison to those who do not. Therefore, I am interested in understanding what aspects of group discussion are crucial in order for a student to reap maximum benefits from a group discussion.

Research Procedures

Research strategies differ depending on the nature of the study that one is conducting. I intend to use the observation method to establish whether group discussion has impact on the student’s performance in school. Such may entail seeking school records. In addition, I intend to consult internet and academic libraries to collect further information regarding the connection between schooling and success. Moreover, I would consider posing questions to students to establish how they perceive the role of group discussion in improving their performance in school. Finally, I will consider going on a filed study in different schools in order to interview different teachers on the subject of the study.

Purpose and Claim

Students pursue success in their day-to-day lives in school. The group discussion process influences how such students go about various activities in school. Since students register different levels of performance, group discussion influences students differently. Thus, I would prefer to find out how group discussion influences a student’s performance in school. In this regard, I would attempt to establish whether group discussion has a positive or negative influence on the performance of a student in school (Bossert 230). My preliminary thesis is that group discussion has a positive influence on the student’s performance in school. This thesis is supported by the notion that group discussion allows for the impartment of knowledge, an aspect that proves critical later in the life of student’s school life (Eric and Arnette 23).

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