Love is Like a Fire

One specific cultural perspective in other places around the world is on the issue of interracial marriages. Basically, as the word itself means, interracial marriage is a union between two individuals of different races. The most common example of this union is between a black person and a white one. Although there is already increasing number of marriages between American men and Korean women, the focus of this essay will be on the first example – marriage between black men and white women. One particular story/film that addresses this issue is the movie Jungle Fever. Written, directed, and produced by Spike Lee, this movie included a dedication to Yusuf Hawkins who is said to be killed by someone in the neighbourhood because of belief that Yusuf is in an affair with a white woman in their place. The setting of story is quite similar with that dedication wherein a black man named Flipper Purify had an affair with an Italian American named Angela Tucci. In the story, Flipper is the husband of Drew and works for an architectural company in New York City. Angela, on the other hand, is hired as a secretary in that firm. The affair between Flipper and Angela began when they stayed late at night talking to each other in Flipper’s office; at the same night, both of them ended up their conversation with a sexual intercourse. To focus on the main issue, both of them did not have a happy relationship in terms of the community’s view of it. For instance, Flipper and Angela were not served by the waitress in the restaurant. Although Flipper complained about it, the waitress berated him for having a date with a white woman. That aspect is the focus throughout the story; many people disagreed with the couple’s relationship. At some point, we may say that it is too harsh for such thing to be done upon a couple of different races. But at some point, we also need to know what the viewpoint of these people – those who disagree with such kind of marriage – really is. Before making any judgment whether such disagreement is reasonable and right or not, we should look more for other perspectives on this interracial marriage.

Throughout the history, there were particular states and countries that did not legalize interracial marriage. For example, it was illegal in California in 1946. Although, during that time, an interracial couple who resided in California transferred in Washington to formalize the marriage, there were still some people who threatened them (Root 2). Most probably, the reason why some people still do not affirm their agreement with interracial marriage is the view of those who adapt with such marriage. Dr. Larry E. Davis commented that the reason why so many black men are marrying white women is their shortage for black women. He even added that as black men seek status and beauty, they believe they can have it more with white women than black women (“Why Interracial Marriages are Increasing”, 12). Thus, black people will most likely believe that black men who marry white women are not satisfied with their own race. They could be believed to demean their own people. Thus, black people will most often disagree with such relationship in order to let the black husbands realize that they should be satisfied with their own women. Another factor that makes interracial marriages not pleasing to some is the motive for higher socioeconomic living. One relative told me that in the Philippines, for example, there are many Filipino women who get married with American men. However, such marriage is badly looked at by most Filipinos in the country. Because Filipinos do not commonly have high socioeconomic status, and American people are believed to be rich people, those who do not support interracial marriage between Filipinas and Americans believe that the relationship was merely for the sake of financial profit. In such case, we will not clearly see the true character of relationships such as passion, patience, perseverance, and soon What we only see is that their marriage is just like a utility which can be used for survival.

To conclude, marriage is a common norm in every society. Perhaps, during wedding ceremonies, almost everyone in the place gathers together as one big happy community. Needless to say, marriage is a union between individuals making themselves become one. Although there are lots of issues about same-sex marriage that arise in our society, it is nevertheless more wonderful to witness a marriage between two persons of the opposite sex. Marriage, indeed, is a beautiful thing. Even in different religious beliefs in every culture and race, marriage is considered as a gift from God. Perhaps, it is the reason why many people are so serious with regards to marriage; they do not regard it just a simple thing. In fact, cultural values suggest that in marriage one is accepting responsibility, accountability, and commitment. Before getting engaged with someone of the opposite sex, the person – especially the man – is being examined whether he is already prepared to lead, protect, and provide for the woman. Moreover, the man is even scrutinized whether he is mature enough to nurture a family in a way that makes it grow into a happy and peaceful family. Of course, there are also some criteria for women to find out whether they are already prepared to become loving wives and caring mothers. However, these things are not the only ones necessary to consider before getting into marriage. A couple must also consider every aspect of their relationship in light of the view of their community on their relationship. That is, there are also some perspectives other people have in particular relationship which couples should also be concerned with; especiallly with regards to interracial marriage. Marriage is a good thing. But just as a fire, it becomes dangerous and not good when it goes outside the fireplace, love – when not grounded in a right place – somehow becomes unpleasant too.

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