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The subject of world issues is worthy to be chosen for a discussion. Needless to say, one very evident issue happening throughout the world is the so-called “union of people of the same sex”. Gay or lesbian marriage has become a public issue that many governments today are considering many ideas and advocations; some are in favor of it, but some are not. Nevertheless, to correctly assess it, it is worthy to consider whether it contributes to human life or not.

In 2004, same-sex marriage started to become eminent. It was initiated by the Massachusetts Supreme Court suggesting that it is required under the equal protection article in the Constitution (Dematteis, 2012). From this point of view, it is already evident that same-sex marriage has to do with legal establishment of a particular society. If a country’s statement of laws includes equality rights for every person – regardless of sex – then it is more likely to happen that lesbians/gays and those who are in favor of same-sex marriage will be able to find support from it. Those who are in favor with same-sex marriage are exclaiming to the public that gays and lesbians also need to have equality rights. Although they have their consciences that this is something immoral even to any kind of religious belief around the world, they still insist on it. Today, there are already many countries and states that legalized same-sex marriage. These include New York, Washington, D.C., Iowa, Connecticut and New Hampshire; but there are more countries that are already considering it.

However, although the number of advocates for same-sex marriage is increasing, there are still many people, offices and governments that stay firm in their positions against this union. Especially to those who are Christians, it is considered a very horrific thing that one would be in favor of same-sex marriage. It is therefore, hard to accept that there will be difficulties brought upon the public in its entirety since there is contention between pro-same-sex marriage and anti-same-sex marriage. In the article written by Bobby Ross Jr. (2011), he said that at the time New York has legalized same-sex marriage, Laycock said that it will be difficult to assess what impact will be upon faith-based organizations that are not in favor of providing services to same-sex couples. But even if there will be some governments that legalize same-sex marriage, everyone should at least have his/her own view of what really is right. Moreover, it is hoped that government officials and lawgivers should really consider the true nature of what they are getting in favor of. Thus, the following paragraph will discuss this matter.

Those who are in favor of same-sex marriage – those who are insisting earnestly for it – are telling the government that the reason to allow such union is the human rights for equality. Sadly, they really do not clearly see the effects of this marriage. A number of couples of the same-sex have already gained what they want – to get married. However, as reality and science explain, such union cannot reproduce for another human being. The union has to be between a male and a female, in order to have an offspring. What same-sex couples do about it? They adopt children; they go to orphanages and take little grown-up kids home with them. Looking at this, where then is the human rights for equality. The child they adopt is in reality, not their child at all. The kid belongs to someone else. Moreover, if everyone will engage to same-sex marriage, what will happen? There will be no more generation to come. There will be no more children that same- sex couples could adopt. Thus, society will be in chaos; human life will no longer be preserved. How then, can we say that same-sex marriage is a way for having equal rights applied for everyone, when in fact, such union will only lead to a drastic change of humanity? Man is for a woman and a woman is for a man. Nobody will be able to change what nature is, even if there are scientific experiments and operations. To end, same-sex marriage is not in any way, pro-life.

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