The Importance of Mandatory Military Service

Affairs between countries have been presenting an unstable correlation ready to lose its equilibrium at any moment for a rather long time. It is a reason for states to have their own military forces able to protect the integrity of the borders and the peace of citizens. Some people find it interesting to pursue a professional military career; others only seek to fulfill their patriotic duties by serving in the army. Both of these categories of citizens start considering it in early age.

Young people are full of energy and patriotic zeal. Most of them perceive the opportunity to serve in the army as the way to be useful to their country and show their deep affection for it. Another question is, whether military service should be made mandatory for all school-leavers. Here the example of the other countries would be of use. Thus, conscription for both genders exists in Israel. From the early age children are brought up with the understanding that it is prestigious and loyal to serve their country, which is why ranks of the draftees are reinforced with pleasure and pride. Due to such approach a lot of spheres connected with the service thrive, for example, military medicine. Young men and women also acquire important surviving skills and are prepared to use them. However, with all the facets of military service it should not be made mandatory, for there are other ways to encourage the young generation and bring it up in patriotic traditions, but the ultimate choice must be made consciously, and not under the pressure of citizenship. It is important both for boys, who are always more eager, and girls, who might be interested.

There are only as many assets and disadvantages in the debatable issue of mandatory military service as one wishes to see. It is democratic to let the young citizens decide whether to enlist or not. Gender must not be a reason to deny army entrance too, as the world strives for tolerance and equality more than ever.

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