Recommendations on Better Planning for Transit Terrorist Attacks

Terrorism is a constant threat in the modern world. The problem of terrorist attacks appears to be especially burning what concerns systems of public transport where the casualties are expected to enumerate in hundreds. The effective measures of preventing transit terrorist attacks include not only staff training supported by the governments, but also active involvement of the passengers and teaching them how to act in critical situations.

The history of terrorism in transport dates back to 1970, and since then the assaults became even more massive. Most of the attacks have a political foundation and are aimed at the largest cities in Europe and the USA, as well as in other parts of the world. The vulnerability of public transportation system makes terrorist acts there possible. Legislation on measures against terrorist attacks started to appear since 1990’s and fastened the idea that cooperation of different agencies within the country and that on the global level is the solution for eliminating this problem. As for the local level, policy-makers should realize that any steps on preventing the spreading of terrorism in public transport must be based not only on security considerations, but on their economical outcomes too. Taken measures should show that public transport still remains safe in spite of once damaged integrity.

Another aspect to be taken into consideration is distinguishing between kinds of transportation while designing planning for terrorist attacks. Buses being the most attacked, security agencies must turn their attention to them, providing improved passenger scanning. The method proves its effectiveness at the airports. All the above-mentioned steps can be described as defensive and preventive, as opposed to proactive ones. Practice shows that some measures like eliminating great crowds of people or taking control over the location of litter bins are not expensive, yet rather efficient. The same refers to passengers’ emergency training and distributing information about safety in transport, which is an integral element of conquering the problem.

In such a way, effective work on preventing transit terrorist attacks embraces the cooperation of governmental agencies and common passengers.

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