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The Good Things in Marriage

Many people fail to see the beauty of marriage in its entirety; perhaps, married couples find out these good things only after their matrimony. Nevertheless, it is not a very big problem at all. But it is also good to know what really is inside marriage. It is worth to note that marriage is not only a legal or an emotional matter, it can far exceed that. This particular statement will be addressed in this paper.

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Many researchers, including the British epidemiologist William Farr, have established a study regarding marriage stating that it is an advantage for good health and that marital loss eventually leads to a significantly poor health condition of an individual. In fact, research study states that marital discord has a number of adverse effects upon a person: elevated risk of heart disease, elevated risk of diabetes, wounds can take longer to heal, immune system weakens, elevated stress hormones, increased risk of mood swings, and outbreaks may be triggered. Unlike single individuals, any married couple has capability to keep themselves away from the common risk of depression along with other physical illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease since they have better emotional relationship with one another. Countless researches even point out that death rates can be decreased if the society will be composed mainly of married couples.           However, in spite of many established studies regarding the advantages of marriage, there are research studies that clearly point out that marriage is not very advantageous in itself. Some studies point out that single individuals have better health than those who are married and then divorced (Pope, 2010). Marriage by itself, the process of standing face-to-face in the altar and being legally united, does not necessarily bring good health upon an individual. Research statistics reveals that many couples, particularly those who do not have good relationship with one another, also have greater health risks.

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These contrasting studies tend to take out the statement that marriage does not give health advantages. Nevertheless, the point is that these advantages depend on the context of the marriage. To put it more clearly, the goodness in marriage comes along with how good the relationship between the couple is. The health condition of an individual is in congruence with his emotional and psychological factor. Thus, when someone is hurt emotionally, it directly affects the condition of his or her heart and mind. In turn, this could eventually lead into a depression – a matter of the person’s mind, or soon develop into a heart disease. That is why when conflicts become prevalent in a couple’s relationship, it is most likely to happen that one or both of them will have certain degrees of depression or emotional stress, which could also lead to other serious threats. On the contrary, when good relationships prevail – healthy communication, appreciation of one another, spending more time together, etc. – positive emotions will be felt by the couple. In fact, positive emotions experienced over time are very useful for long-term benefits on one’s health (Folkman and Nathan, 2010). Happy couples are those who find themselves having less health risks.

Therefore, what matters the most is the condition of a couple’s relationship, not their status of being married. The only reason studies show that single persons have greater health risks is that they do not have anyone to tend with their emotional needs. When a single person encounters a particular problem at work which eventually stirs up a negative emotion, there will be no one to personally give comfort or encouragement when he or she gets home. Moreover, if a single person starts to feel depressed and has come to a point of suicidal tendency, there is no one to bring that person to his or her right senses. 

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Of course, there are conflicts that happen in marriage. Nevertheless, a couple can have a healthy relationship that gives positive emotions to them resulting in good health conditions.    

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