The Enormous Changes in Technology

The enormous changes in technology that have occurred in the last few decades are amazing. Our parents would definitely fail to predict the boost of computer technologies twenty years ago as well as their variety and efficiency. The question is how much space for further development is left and what kind of computers will be available to users in several decades.

Having a close look at some of the sources, it should be noted that several trends are predicted for the future. One of them is that computer will increasingly become closer to imitating the way human brain works. By year 2025 scientists predict that the work of human neurons will be simulated by computers, while by year 2050 they might be able to simulate functioning of millions brains at the same time ( Computers and the Internet, Future Timeline)

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Some researchers are even braver in their predictions; they believe that we are approaching an era of “quantum computing”. They foresee that no devices that we are using now will be applicable in future just because devices will be used that will be worn on human body. Thus, one of the forecasts is that people will be wearing a special head band that will read brain signals and help search for the necessary information on the web, the so called in-built Google ( Kirpatrick, 2006).

It is interesting that the latest 2012 reviews confirm that idea that quantum chips are one of the key directions in which computer technologies are developing at the moment. The scientists are working to ensure that these chips are hundreds of times smaller than what industry is having at the moment. The trend is to make all storages of information smaller in size with simultaneous growth of their capacity (Stuart, 2012). Overall, a conclusion can be made that there is still much space for development and there are surprises waiting for us.

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