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Should Workers be Suspended for Lying about Smoking

It is understandable that companies are in business to make money which is siphoned out by the health insurance that they pay for the workers. These costs are further driven upwards by poor health habits such as smoking. For employees who lie about their smoking habits, a suspension and even termination is justified as they clearly misrepresented their health information in the insurance applications and violated corporate policy as much as they may feel that the extra cost may have been unjustified.

Despite this, the company should give rebates to the employees who pay the surcharges and not ask the employees for personal health issues on the insurance form even as they work to encourage healthy living. Incentives such as additional income and rewards for healthy living should also be looked into as a better way to curb the habit.

Should you support your friend?

As the manager, ones responsibility is to the company but as a friend one is expected to help. One should support the friend but not through lying as this can pass as giving fraudulent information and is unethical. In light of the fact that the friends’ job has already been terminated, and an extension is impossible other means should be sought to help him out moreover this will put your position at the company at risk. As a manager it is however in ones power to ask for a review of his overall performance while he is on suspension. Other methods of punishment for the loss of a major client can be looked into such as a demotion or putting him back on probation. In this way you will have ethically carried out your managerial duties and helped your friend out.



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