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The Greatest Women I Know

Modern society can proudly present a list of greatest women who invested in the development of the society their limited capabilities by the social conventions and regulations; yet had shown great results of personal and intercultural achievements. Throughout the history, up until not so long ago, women had been playing the secondary role in the life of the society and their own. Women had more responsibilities than rights. Taking care of the family and children, cleaning the house and creating the pleasant ambience for the husband, desiring to invest into the family were the main roles of a woman. However, hiding behind the wide back of a husband did not seem a good perspective for a woman, wanting to be free to do what she wants instead of what the social norms dictate she ought to do. This paper translates the real value of women in the world by giving an example of five greatest women in my opinion.

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The first representative of the female gender, who has put the first brick into the base of the women’s freedom, was Sappho. This amazing lady was the representative f the antique Greece. She is considered the first woman to write poetry. Her lyrical poems were deeply appreciated both back in antiquity, and also impress with their beauty and tact the contemporary literary critiques and savants.

Second representative of the five greatest women of all times is Joan of Arc. Back in 15th century a 19-year- old French lady, named Joan of Arc was considered the heroine. She claimed that she received the visions from God, which guided her in the process of helping her people to live through the English domination. Her indestructible spirit and determination strengthened the hopes of the people in this difficult period of time.

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Catherine the Great is the third woman in the list of the greatest female representatives. She is known for being the Empress of the Russian Empire for 34 years. Her tormenting spirit of a cold rebel goddess-like woman was the quality, which helped to expand the borders of Russian Empire drastically and subordinate the Ukrainian Cossack community. Catherine the Great was an enlightened monarch, who during her reign helped the establishment of the “Russian soul” including the philosophy, arts, and traditions.

Another strong woman, who is worth to be named one of the greatest women is Hellen Keller. Born deaf and blind, with the help of a creative teacher, Anne Sullivan, who developed a unique sign language, the girl learned how to speak. Hellen Keller was the first in her kind to earn a Bachelor’s degree. Later on she became a political activist, a lecturer and a famous American author. Hellen Keller truly shows a deadly grasp and desire to prove the women’s worth and establish their place in society.

The last, yet not the least woman worth recognition is an Albanian nun the Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Her exemplar connection to God and complete devotion to the people serve an example by founding the Missionaries of Charity organization, whose mission was to help people all over the world. Her kind heart and an open mind earned her worldwide recognition and the Nobel Prize, which she refused in order to donate to the fund for poor people of India.

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In conclusion, women have made a long way from literal slavery to perform services and satisfaction to the man, to a complete freedom and equality, gaining the right for education, performing working duties, tolerance, respect, similar attitude, and same conditions for performance. These greatest women had shown the world that women are able to engage in serious and complex tasks, which they complete successfully, setting an example of high standards for performance for men, women and children, teaching them how to be more open, giving, helpful, more cheerful and less violent.

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