Childhood Development

Question 1

It is very important to know the typical rates of a child development for the corresponding providing services: since they need to know if the baby has any problem that needs to be addressed. Children with developmental delays maybe receiving services like assistive technology, speech and language services, medical services, nursing services, nutrition services and psychological services. The indicated service provider needs to know the progress in development of the children, whether to stop offering its services; or are the services of any help to the clients.

Question 2

The major duties of special education teachers are to give knowledge to the special students in a way that those would get the knowledge just like any other student. They also watch the development of such pupils and train them on the basic ways of life, to make sure if there is any delay in that process and if the students solve it easily on their own.

The early childhood teachers give the students basic knowledge of how to read and to write to prepare them for the primary school level. Such professionals’ aids are useful especially in teaching children, since they make them understand and remember easily. Day care providers provide services of a “mother” for instance when the mother wants to go to work. They also introduce the kinds to reading.

Question 3

The communication between the parents and teachers need to be precise and clear for both parties to understand. It should also not be biased. It needs to be timely for it to be effective and also it need to be easy to understand.

Question 4

The major task of service coordinators is to ensure the not delayed child’s development, and if there is a need in any medical attention – to offer it in time to save the life of the child. They also closely watch the development of the children. This is very important since they will  make sure that the process of children development is with no complications, and that the child is at the stage she is supposed to be at the right time.

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