Why We Hate the Smart Kids

“Smart is the new sexy” says the contemporary public about the new tendency of appreciating the bright minds in the society. Nonetheless, for some reason the opinion of the majority states the opposite. People seem to dislike extremely smart people, and express disapproval and discontent while conversing with them. In contrast, people prefer to cheer for the less educated, yet more sports-like individuals. The author of the paper tries to disclose the reasons behind such social stratification discrimination and detestable behavior towards the intelligent people and does it in a very creative and impressive way through his writing. The writer positions his argument around two major logical theories which he bases his assumptions on describing them in a very measured way. This paper emphasizes the descriptive aspects found in the positioned argument of the writer, focusing on the vividness of epithets and figures of speech.

The author communicates his message on anti-intellectualism in very precise and nearly trenchant and ironic manner. He interconnects high register pitch with the comments of mostly informal speech. Engaging in his argument the writer traces the reasons of the anti-intellectual tendency from the high school social experiences. Giving an example of common school time experience, the author leaves an open question to the audience to think about why would the teenagers remember their quarterbacks, yet none will remember the winners of the members of the Science Bowl Team, the Speech and Debate Team, and the Academic Decathlon team. The writer gives a premature simplistic observational answer: “After all, why should they?  He and his teammates were “just the nerds”. Attaching such a label to represent the intelligent people, and also underlining this tag with the preposition “just” attaches the writers argument to the common opinion, engaging a greater audience, who support his argument.

The second idea presented in the paper illuminates the stereotypes created by the celebrity images in the media. The writer chooses a very skillful adjective to express the common tendency as “uneducated success”, which pushes the youth to follow their idols in their path of degrading and dullness. The author strikes the reader with a simple truth that “the image of intellectualism is disliked as anti-social, and the harms of even a fallacious perception to this effect spread to all of the intelligentsia”. Using such figures of speech as “uneducated success”, “education-bashing”, “societal degradation”, and “negate correlation between brains and buying” the author underlines the modern tendency to renounce the effort to get smarter carried out from the television the stories about the uneducated individuals, who yet got to the top. Among the representatives of, as the writer puts it, “vital public figure” truly exist in the society. They state such comments as: “It's clearly a budget. It's got a lot of numbers in it” or “there needs to be a wholesale effort against racial profiling, which is illiterate children” (“The Very Long List” 2003).

To sum up, the author does a good job by supporting the argument of judging the negative influence of tendency of anti-intelligence and under-education, which triggers horrible consequences. Despite the reasons behind the hatred of the bright minds, following the lifestyle of an uneducated homo sapiens leads to mass social destruction from within, resulting in degradation, raising discrimination and increasing violence. It seems that the humanity progresses in the opposite direction: back to the cavemen and dinosaurs.

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