The King’s Speech

Modern society requires special form of art that can satisfy the need to see and comprehend new stories. Cinematography finds different approaches to raise a problem and makes the audience seek for the solution while viewing. There are numerous devises that make a film appealing to the audience. The paper analyses the film The King’s Speech according to such criteria as acting and music, because we claim them to be the most sufficient elements that have made the film a successful one.

The general impression that the film produces is that the picture does not suffer from the lack of acting talents, and this is the main thing that should be pointed out. Colin Firth plays the leading role. His approach to portrait King George VI absolutely suits the character and creates a vivid image. Colin Firth’s acting is convincing. His tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language help him to give a magnificent performance as a monarch, who stutters. In a tear-jerking episode, when the main hero sees plans for coronation, the way he says the words “That would be an even bigger mistake. I am not a king. I am not a king” (Hooper, 2010) holds attention of the audience and surprises with the power of his intonation to create a feeling of agitation and fear. He waters his eyes and rises the voice, and still there is some decent look upon his face that is the domain of strong people. This piece of a dialogue demonstrates actor’s excellent skills and his ability to convey information and make it perceptible. Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush bring to life on the screen Queen Elizabeth and Lionel Logue. The cast is brilliant; there are no ill-chosen in the film. Geoffrey Rush produces sometimes a contradiction between the way his character behaves and the way he feels. There is a space for some thinking after his words are said. The actor shows his professional skills at being ambiguity. His character is not honest with the king, but he is honest in his intentions to help. That is how we can identify Geoffrey Rush’s performance.  Strong and confident is the queen. The acting of Helena Bonham Carter in some degree has an impact on the audience as she presents an independent woman, powerful enough to inspire the king. These charismatic actors create the film without flaws and leave deep and pleasant impression.

Music has to be analyzed along with acting. Music suits the static character of the movie. Alexander Desplat has composed the score that, figuratively speaking, gives a voice to the hero and gives faith to his speech. We hear moderate, sad and deep music in The King’s Speech. Music appears in the right moments and emphasizes the atmosphere. It reflects the inner world of people, played by actors that makes them interesting personalities with different emotional experiences. The film deals with numerous problems, and the movie’s original score renders ideas of every episode it sounds in.

The King’s Speech is highly appreciated by critics. Along with the great story that is the foundation of the film, there are two basic tools that are used for communication the purpose of the scenes to its viewers – acting and music. Among other contemporary films, The King’s Speech is the perfect combination of famous actors, their technically great performances and amazing score. Actors embody the images of historic personalities with accuracy and professionalism. There are witty remarks and serious phrases that are said equally with devotion to characters and excellence in acting. Music in the film conveys every feeling and idea to the audience. The analysis of these two criteria concludes that the movies is magnificent and worth watching.

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