Why Abortion should not be Legalized

Killing should never be allowed under any circumstance; especially killing of innocent infant that did not have even a chance to this world. Despite the fact that everyone has a choice of what to do with his or her life, they should not tamper with the lives of the innocent creatures. These creatures do not deserve to die. In this case, abortion is something that should not be entertained in the global world. This poor activity has already taken the lives of the babies that could be simply adopted. Keeping the action as an option has become a ticket to abortion by the young adults as well as teens. Its so obvious to make a mistake in life and become pregnant, but  it is never a mistake when a person sits back and decides to abort. By legalizing the act, cases of parentless children, homeless and teen pregnancies will be minimal.

Abortion is an action of killing.  Suppose a person runs accidentally stabs a person, he or she must undergo the constituencies. Therefore, this action should be treated in the same way since it is an act of taking away a life. Keeping the activity as an option has rapidly increased the rate of teens pregnancy since most of them looks at it as a form of birth control. As Kleemeier states, “Abortion has become a form of birth control in this country I’m sick and tired of woman taking this lightly” [teenage pregnancy 94]. The statistics shows that 98% of women considers abortion first when they become pregnant. Getting rid of the exercise would develop a new mind for quite a number of individuals. It would eliminate how people views life as well. “Many high schools distribute condoms, which promotes that it is okay to have sex in an early age” (Maria Shoss).

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It’s understood that in the end people are going to do what they wish, but it’s the school’s job to at least convey to make admirable choices. There are quite a number of ways to avoid pregnancy the best would be to avoid sex and consider abstinence until you hit the right age. However you cannot control the actions of others but birth control pills and condoms are always an option. Abortion should not be the first thing that comes upon a human being when they realize they have become pregnant.

Choosing life over murder would be the best choice because killing innocence is the biggest crime one can commit. Websites like Planned Parenthood that help people who want to get an abortion also states that there are over 39,000 women who consider abortion yearly. It’s a true fact that over 30 million children have been killed ever since abortion law was passed and legalized in 1973. “Life should be valued not thrown away” (Robert Williams). This also ties in religion and where everyone is given a life to live, and it is also pertained in the fifth commandment that God has given us “thou should not kill”. Even though many people argue life doesn’t began until you are given birth, there is many lies associated with that because your killing something that is about to come into this life. Everyone deserves a chance to take a breath just because it can’t speak up doesn’t mean that you can take away its life.

There are so many adults in this world that would do anything to have a child. Not everyone is fortunate to be able to conceive, and sadly the ones that are able to conceive do not appreciate it. If abortion were illegal a lot of people would consider adoption where a child would be given birth but would be made sure it has a home and loving parents (Frank Yeshia). According to Robert M. Baird, 75 percent of woman who cannot conceive are on a constant look out for adopting a child. Adoption however is the best way to ensure life of a child who is unwanted by their parents. Everyone has their reasons on why they cannot keep their baby, it is your responsibility to think good of it since after all it is your child wanted or unwanted. Killing and murdering your own child should even raise a question in your head. It’s like living with guilt that you took away a life. Pro life is how it should be though, if you are lucky as you are to live a life how you have a right to take it away from someone else’s. It just isn’t anyone but your own blood.

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Killing your own baby is one thing but risking your own life also shouldn’t be something you should consider. Abortion isn’t something that could be said so easily and be done as well. Abortion however has so many procedures involved where it can easily take away your life as well. Although many protection and sterilization has been put as the years has passed but there is no guarantee what aborting a baby can do for you (Robert Williams). Over the years thousands of women have died with their babies due to complications during getting an abortion. Therefore in “the ethics of abortion”, pro life is considered the healthiest way to go because when you consider abortion you are considering hard to both you and your baby. Even though at the moment getting rid of the baby might seem like the best bet, there is adoption as it has been mentioned that it can be a better choice to make. Many individuals who have taken some research regarding the same also feel that the act is not murder because  it’s still a “fetus” and not a baby. A fetus is not just a tissue further more it is a person to yet be developed who after a few months starts to develop feet and hands (Frank Yeshia). When you abort this fetus that is growing to become a baby it also causes pain because it is in its way to progress into a human. Therefore it is not like just getting rid of a tissue more so slaughtering a developing human being it is very so equivalent to murder if so even worse.

Understanding that everyone makes mistakes and that every young girl doesn’t wake up wanting to become a mother as soon as she can. It is a woman’s purpose to become a woman one day or another. It might sound stereo typical but parenting is something most adults go through if you made the mistake then you should be mature enough to deal with it. If you were mature enough to come up with the decision to enter in such behavior then you should be mature enough to except the consequences as well. However the major impact in this world of teen pregnancy’s is the option having it aborted. If that option was gone many people would take more though into the actions they take, due to fact that they would consider their consequences. If abortion is available people will not take matters too seriously because they have something to fall back to. This also leads up to talking about how another person’s actions should have to be dealt with the pain of a small child. It’s not like the child was asked what they wanted they were just killed and that’s an unfair act

When the issue abortion is mentioned many people consider that only the person getting it is being affected. That indeed is not true as well because it is also reflected towards people around you as well. Abortions cause many conflicts around your daily life believe it or not it interferes with churches, schools, neighborhoods and even political parties as well. This issue can also conflict with the individual life you may be living too. Many women don’t realize that after getting an abortion it’s done you have killed your baby but was that your final decision or just for the spur of the moment (CNN). Psychiatrist has proven that even though this decision is easily made in the long run many women aren’t very happy and fall into the stage where they end up fighting with themselves. This matter can also be called short-term depression, which is depression that happens from a traumatic event. Often many women make these hasty decisions when they are young but regret them, as they get older. The major risk of abortion other than losing a life is not being to ever conceive again. At that moment you may not want a child. Later on it can ruin your chances from ever having a child again and it can jeopardize your future and can become childless.

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In conclusion, I contend that abortion should never be legalized or be taken as an option. It can help save an innocent life and helping risking a woman’s life to. There are many people out there who can cherish and want children who are not able to conceive, giving them a chance to become a parent would decrease unwanted children. However putting an end to abortion would also put down the amount of teens getting pregnant and ruining their future. Many young adults put themselves in this situation and don’t see the damage because abortion magically solves everything for them. Illegalizing it would help make young adults become more responsible. All in all, we were all given a life to love and cherish, pro life should be a motivation that everyone deserves a chance to live and love. We have no right to take that away from someone’s life whatsoever. If murdering a human is a sin then why should killing an innocent child be considered any less.

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