Wayne Kerr, Mental Health Risk Assessment Report


The information contained in this report is on black British named Wayne Kerr, 20.09.58. In his family, he is the third born. He has no elder or younger sister, only two elder brothers. However, his parents separated while he was only nine years old. In terms of education, he is quite learned. He went through both primary and secondary education of which he excelled with several O-levels. It is worth noting that he also holds a degree in food science.

Wayne is an introverted person. He has few friends and rarely socializes. Until recently, he worked at a pub during happy hour. Unfortunately, he was laid off. Occasionally, he has worked in various unstable jobs. At one time, even as a cleaner. He is single and has no children who depend on him. He lives in solitude.

In the year 1980, Wayne was diagnosed with schizophrenia and depressive disorder with manic features. Schizophrenia is a medical disorder characterized by various mental breakdowns. The mental process ends up being uncoordinated. This disorder is prone to cause people suffer emotional breakdown. The life expectancy of the victim too is low.

Wayne’s case warrants assessment. A cause of alarm is the fact that he confessed to hearing some voices in his head. They directed him into committing suicide. He felt suicidal.  On two occasions, he actually cut his arm. He lacks faith in people around him. He actually confessed to a colleague that he thinks all people are just talking about him. The paradox of the whole situation is that he is a Christian yet gay.

Health – wise, he is on the verge of a serious breakdown. He only sleeps 4 hour a day and eats only once per day. Seriously, this sounds like a person on self-proclaimed hunger mood. The fact that he is prone to taking fuzzy drinks is a cause of alarm. This is due to the lack of essential nutrition absent in those drinks. His last visit to the doctor was actually seven years ago.

In the year 1984, he was admitted to hospital afater claiming that he often heard voices. Thus, he was prescribed Chlorpromazine (Thorazine), Haloperidol (Haldol), Perphenazine (generic only) and Fluphenazine (generic only). These were to control the schizophrenia. However, the side effects of these drugs were imminent. He ended up being restless, had muscle spasms and tremors.

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Occasionally, the neighbors hear him shout that he would somebody. This sounds crazy because he actually lives alone. He has no visitors and even refuses medical practitioners and social workers from getting in. Clearly, Wayne needs urgent attention. His resentment of white people too is worrying. Lack of heeding to the psychiatric nurse’s appointments too is alarming.

The medical condition he is diagnosed with is fatal. The outcome of such a condition a suicidal to say the least. He is not only a threat to himself but even to the people around him. Although he does not do drugs, he is still at risk of getting involved.

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