African Diaspora in South Asia

The video African Indian Oceans depicts the African Diaspora in India sub continent. The video captures how the African especially from Eastern Africa found their way to southern Asia. Some of the immigrants were sold as slaves by the Arabs merchants who were trading between east Africa and India. The story narrates their survival, in transit and their foreign home. They are both highlighted in the video. Finally, the introduction of their culture from Africa to their new environment is as well captured in the video.

The video highlights the number of Africans who left the East Coast of Africa to South Asia. Many were sold as slaves although the earlier immigrants had done it on their own accord. The Arabs were the main traders on the Africa-India route. Arabs dhows were the main form of transport. The journey to their new home is harrowing. Once they reached Asia, many were sold as laborers. Nevertheless, many ascended the social ladder and formed dynasties fusing African and Indian cultures. Their dynasties depict their African heritage. Dances and arts have borrowed heavily from their origin. The African Indians also borrowed from the Indian culture heavily especially clothing and decoration.

The video depicts African Indian resilience despite been relegated to the periphery by the mainstream society. The pride of their identity, beauty, and heritage is captured in the video. Despite being aware of their minority status, the Africa Indians have exerted their presence, through culture and their heritage. They are found in many parts of India and have tried to blend in to the mainstream Indian society through their cross culture.

I believe the video was highlighting the history of African Indian, showing the genesis of their journey from Africa and subsequent settling in India. It covers the painful experience of African immigrants; their forced capture, and dehumanizing voyage across the Indian Ocean. The video also highlight the African Indian cultural and social contribution to the Indian society as a whole. The influence of this is demonstrated through the use of dances and other forms of arts among the African Indian. Thus, this video brought to the sport light the rich African Indian heritage which is hardly talked about.

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