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Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic are the most common approaches used by the learners in modern classrooms. Teachers’ responsibility is to make sure that students learn the material provided. However, students comprehend materials differently as each of them has his/her own learning approach. Informative and detailed lectures help auditory learners. Pictures, charts, and additional materials serve well for the visuals. Outlines and making schemas deliver for kinesthetics.

Educators plan their lessons accordingly to provide equal input for representatives of each learning style. Students are enabled to maximize their learning capacity, trigger memory, and better recall. They are responsible for making choices about using the preferred type of learning. This theory is supported by classroom experiences. However, usage of one style is not enough (Willingham, 2005).

Moreover, application of other acquisition methods influences the augmentation of brain capacity, including input, recall, and word choice. Researchers established that this occurs because information is being processed by different parts of the brain, which results in different learning types. Using brain scans the researchers were able to define those areas (Learning Styles: Understanding Your Learning Preference, 2012).

Since I am a visual learner, my brain processes the information I receive by visual senses using the back part of the brain, called the occipital lobes. This learning style enables me to remember the information “photographically” by seeing the material.

In order to develop more acquisition methods, I could try to adopt aural learning style, which implies handling the information by hearing it. The aural learning is performed by the temporal lobe, which is situated on the side of the brain and supports musical abilities, rhetoric, etc (Learning Styles: Understanding Your Learning Preference, 2012). By using this method one develops better linguistic abilities, such as profound writing and academic speaking.

Use of kinesthetic style of learning not only improves handwriting, but also triggers the development of the cerebellum and the motor cortex, which are in charge of person’s movements (Learning Styles: Understanding Your Learning Preference, 2012). In my opinion, this type also accentuates visual and aural types since one has to hear and see the information in order to put it down or make a schema.

To conclude, each person has a preferred learning style, which is most comfortable. However, additional usage of other learning styles results in development of other parts of the brain, increases its capacity, and develops skills of the learner. Modern classroom teachers should consider the preferences each student has, but impel them to try other learning styles. 

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