Integration of Technology in Curriculum

Technology has been involved in curriculum for easy education and elimination of illiteracy in students by integrating learners globally. This has lead to more requisition of technology in curriculum. Several ways have been used to integrate technology into various areas, including changes in teaching instructions for increasing the teaching effectivity at schools.

The first way of integration is encouraging learners to actively utilize technology based content innovated by the teachers to acquire knowledge (Dockstader, 2008). This integration enhances content delivery by teachers and effective achievement of goals in a lesson.

Another option is making technology a part of everyday life while enhancing learner activities in a classroom. This has been achieved by finding ways to upgrade instructions used and improve student learning. This option is aimed not only at the technology being used but also at the student activities being performed in a classroom using technology.

Teachers should learn how to incorporate students by utilizing technology in learning and other meaningful activities in their lesson plans.  It has been difficult for a teacher to be proficient in the use of the technology for effective incorporation of learning activities in curriculum, but after some time it became easy and effective, and reduced the time needed for lesson preparation.

As it was mentioned before, many tools have been used to enhance technology integration into the curriculum. The main tools include internet and application software. Internet was used to develop technology integrated activities through designing of instructional activities for maximum utilization of technology in high delivery of content in class. The use of internet has been enhanced through the use of search engines, web quests and virtual field trips. In addition, application software has been used to enhance class activities and delivery in class through word processing software, spreadsheet software, database software, presentation graphics software and instructional software.

Through the mentioned tools, technology integrated activities were enhanced by ensuring that meaningful activities, which made students to use one or more tools, were dominant. (Basilicato, 2005). This was achieved by giving students assignments that made them use more than one website and software.

Another tool was designing an advanced lesson plan that necessitates students to be involved in advantageous activities that utilize technology tools. Various ways were used in identifying different types of activities to be included in the lesson plan. This was achieved by the use of the above mentioned tools for planning suitable activities to be included in the delivery of content in a classroom. In specific, assignments that required use of internet and online notes were given to students in order to encourage them to utilize technology.

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Different early technologies were extended in class by incorporating the use of technology integration(Wood et al., 2003) This was achieved by use of the following principles in identifying technology based learning activities.

Promote self-directed students. It includes designing activities that motivate students to manage their own learning by giving them a choice of time management strategy, criteria for successful learning and topics to undertake.

Plan real activities. This was achieved through selection of activities similar to those that learners were able to encounter outside the school compound. (Ward, 2003).

Go past retelling. This principle meant using activities that need high philosophy skills like designing product plan, compilation, seeking self knowledge, solving misery, making judgments, persuading etc

Borrow activity ideas from others. In other words, maximize educational resources in web for diversification of ideas. This facilitates enhancement of various technology based learning activities.

In conclusion, the integration of technology in education has led to diversification of ideas and globalization of the world.  This has led to enlightenment of learners and changed learning to easier and more practical through involvement of more practical class activities. Moreover, it has made learners gain more insight of knowledge from various disciplines. On the other hand, the good preparation of teachers by designing advanced lesson plans has enabled high quality delivery of information.

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My teaching will change greatly after integrating technology in the curriculum for high delivery and improvement of learners’ performance. I will ensure that learners use technology by involving many technology integrated activities to enhance learners’ knowledge of technology and improve their reading and writing skills.      

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