The Three Grades of Thinking

William Holding through his life experiences has demarcated thought into three distinct levels. He calls them the three grades of thinking. Grade three of thought is what the majority of people practice. Such people can be termed as lethargic or simply foolish to question the moral fabric of prevalent social customs and norms. It would be easy to win them over by “yes-bossing” their beliefs and would be adding fuel to their fire, if they are questioned for their (non-existent) logic. There are aberrations in what is preached by grade three practitioners of thought since their thinking is shaped under the influence of hypocrisy, prejudice, inferiority complex ignorance or blind faith.

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The second grade thinkers are those who understand the apparent contradiction in the false beliefs, which are not justified in their logic. They understand the flaw in a belief, but do not seek to find out a solution to the wrong thought process. They simply lack the courage to face the wrath of the society or are not ambitious enough to find out the answer. However, they do secretly enjoy viewing the contradiction in a belief materializing.

The third grade of thinkers are the ones who do not only view the contradiction in a practiced thought, but have the conviction to find out what would be the most judicious alternative to the flaw. Their reasoning is completely unbiased and based solely on the rationality of the truth. Outnumbered by the herd mentality of grade three and the coward geniuses of grade two, they are the ones who bring a change every once in a blue moon.

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