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Film Response Assignment

The documentary under consideration gives a lot of information about women’s problems they face every day. The most important one is lack of money to support children and live a normal life. It is very difficult for females to find a good job as the majority of employers refuse hiring women with children. Even if it happens, these females earn only seventy-three percent of money according to average earnings compared to men. Single mothers get only sixty percent of money. Judith Warner stresses that females get no support in America. In fact, the state even does not guarantee paid childbirth leave for all working mothers. This happens only in two more countries: New Guinea and Swaziland. Actually, women do not have enough free time to devote to their children and take care of a spouse. Children and their upbringing is another important issue that is closely connected with women and their rights. Lack of mothers’ attention makes children spend much time before the screen, where they see violence and constant sexual scenes. Moreover, about nine million of children are not insured. This influences their treatment negatively.

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I agree with the documentary that women are discriminated in America. They cannot find support even if they are single mothers. It is difficult to understand why a woman is expected to do a lot of things at a time: she does all the work about the house, raises children, takes care of her husband, and earns money for the family. It is impossible to cope with all these things. The examples of women’s difficult life can be seen everywhere in our society. There are few female leaders and there are fewer opportunities for females.

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I know the mother who had nobody to support her during pregnancy period. She worked until the ninth month and returned to work in three days after a child’s birth. It happened because the company she had been working for did not want to wait for her for a long time and could hire another worker. It was a terrible situation as she had to live her child with a neighbor. This female had to entrust her child to practically unknown person. Such situations occur very often when a female has to return to work at once after the baby’s birth. It is my firm belief that the state neglects the most important sphere of life – family – when it does not protect women and gives them such terrible conditions for life.

Another example is closely connected with my uncle’s son. He had to entertain himself with television shows as parents spent much time at work and could not take care of a boy in a proper way. The latter watched horror movies with violence and raping. This influenced his brain somehow and he raped his classmate. It was not the parents’ fault, I am sure that such cases happen because of the state’s negligence. It does not give enough protection and support to families. Nevertheless, it is the first thing to do. From my point of view, females do not have to work at all. They do not have enough time to devote to their children and husbands. This leads to juvenile delinquency and high divorce rate. I think that women already have a work – their job is to take care of their relatives. The state should provide females with such an opportunity and protect them.

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After watching the documentary it is impossible to stay silent as for discrimination against women. There are several things that should be done to change the situation for the better. First of all, the government must guarantee paid childbirth leave for all working mothers. It is also very important for females to be aware of their discrimination. Some of them face injustice and think that it is normal. There should be the organization for women to protect their rights and give consultations on various problems. The employers must be deprived of the right to refuse hiring women with children. One more thing to do is to raise female’s salary. Women should work less than men but get more money. Especially it concerns single mothers. In case if working mothers have nobody to take care of their children during working time, the state should give them an assistant to solve this problem or there must be opportunities to work staying at home.

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