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In life, the importance of passion cannot be overlooked. However, when living is overtaken by passion, it is hard to judge whether this has actually gone too far. This article provides a response to the Sopyonje film which certainly displays passion.


A certain type of singing is very common in South Korea referred to as pansori. This usually has high emotions coupled with being ridden in pain; the blues is what is actually compared to this type of singing. The focus of this film is on pansori performing trio. A pansori singer who is highly acclaimed together with the two children that are raised by him are featured in the film. Living as poor nomads, they barely survive through travelling from village to village. This is a movie whose deep rooting is based on the culture of Korea (Chungmoo, 2007). This makes the film to be steeped deeply on tradition, something which many people really appreciate. The beauty is even more revealed in the pansori which being beautiful, it extensive features dominating in the film better parts. At some time, this film makes the viewer to feel restless with the desire of seeing the story moving along as opposed to listening to a recital of another pansori. 

Regardless of the fact that this movie has a mixture of cultural references coupled with the pacing that is actually slow, this movie is undeniably one of the most beautiful films ever. With the immaculate framing, there is use of the imagery through which the emotions are enhanced, making the lingering pansori to be perfectly balanced. This is the type of a film with scenes so powerful that much is said even without a word being said. The emotion that is conveyed in this film is one of its greatest things and there is a bit of staleness in the movie. However, it is amazing and at times a film which is very moving although I did not actually get enough out of this movie to base my justification on the slow pace.


This is a movie displaying the saga in which peripatetic singers’ family struggles in the effort to reserve the pansori art which is an operatic performance. This is specifically a reclaim of the traditional Korea.

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