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1. Seipel addresses an uncomfortable topic of the homeless in San Jose. The amount of such people grows, and regularly conducted cleanups do not solve the situation, for they usually return to their old places. Camps of the homeless gradually begin to present a hazard to the environment and public peace: people living in the neighborhood are even afraid to walk in city parks. The right decision would be to accommodate the homeless and trim the municipal public places. An important aspect was mentioned by Seipel: the homeless are still citizens, and discarding of their personal property by the police is anti-constitutional.

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2. Fuller claims that high school education is subjected to multiple problems, such as low teachers’ qualification and salaries despite high taxes, which leads to protests. Banks also expresses concern over the financial state of educational establishments in California. Both authors are rather skeptical over the resolution of the issue after the elections. The Sacramento Bee describes a positive reaction of the authorities on the financial difficulties of students who cannot afford buying textbooks: soon Californian students will enjoy free digital manuals. An innovation from Amazon, reports Schuetze, will help with this endeavor by issuing electronic books, which are cheaper than their paper analogues, with expiry dates. Generally, it means that the government finally took action.

3. College Conspiracy documentary debunks the notion that higher education is indispensable for success in life. The film maintains that colleges turned into money-making machines, and the amount of student debt proves this fact. Sadly, the size of tuition fees is often not reflected in the quality of education. The society has also shifted the focus from manufacturing professions to the service industries, which will soon result in shortages of commodities. In this regard, the movie is a revelation and can help a lot of people reconsider their life priorities.

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4. The argument over Measure E mentioned in San Jose Mercury News editorial is quite persuading: the author is clearly concerned with the fact that the city will suffer from the expansion of the gambling industry, beneficial for taxes but corruptive for moral. Genetically engineered products have become a part of the modern world, and Proposition 37 analyzed by Chang seems to be a valid step, for people at least deserve to know the origin of the food they are buying. Mercury News editorial supports the idea of California becoming the pioneer state to pass Prop. 37, but reasonably mentions that it can bring harm due to undeveloped legislature.

5. In regard to the equalizing factor of online education, Rooks expresses serious doubts that it will remain free; it is a huge profit opportunity unlikely to be missed. McCracken supports a grounded idea that online education cannot become a full supplement for the traditional one, for it lacks a lot of necessary components, even simple class discussions. Ripley holds a different position claiming that online courses are designed in such an engaging way that the students really learn, not simply memorize facts. Still, the journalist agrees with her colleagues that real college experience including the pleasure of live communication cannot be substituted by online courses.

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6. Healthcare laws introduced by Obama continue to lack practical support, report Savage and Levey. The authors maintain that mandatory inclusion of the citizens into the healthcare program is unprecedented and is likely to lead to great expenditures. Paul agrees with this point stating that the reason of the continuous decline of health care sphere in America is caused by constant interference of government. A convinced left-winger Ungar resorts to a bright historical example comparing health care legislation of the Founding Fathers with the current one. He argues that there is nothing anti-constitutional in introducing mandated health care, for, by all means, it embraces only a part of the nation.

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