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It is a wall between the world of society and the world of the ill personality that is called autism. Figuratively speaking, the Babel Pandemonium is the illustration of the inner states of people with autism. The only difference is that such people do not try to make any contracts with others. They are mostly isolated and self-absorbed. The aim of this paper is to diagnose the main hero of the movie Rain Man and describe his autistic psychological disorder.

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Raymond Babbitt from the movie Rain Man is chosen as a fictional character that can reveal the problematic issue of autism. His mental disorder has made him unable to communicate properly. He is not stable during the movie and has typical emotional outbursts when he is scared. Raymond shows classical symptoms of this psychological problem. Firstly, he has difficulties in communicating and learning. Secondly, Raymond repeats another person’s words that he hears. He has patters he repeats in stressful situations, for example, meaningless “Who’s on First”. Thirdly, Raymond does not change his facial expression and does not look in the eyes of other people. Only in situations when he has panic attacks his mimic changes face into the grimace twistedwith pain. These symptoms clarify the main hero as an autistic personality. Also, Raymond has other sighs of this illness. For example, he does not like other people to touch him or his things. Raymond’s days are all the same. He eats, watches television, and goes for a walk every day at the same time. He has his daily routing that he cannot violate in any way. Breaking of this time-table makes him anxious, hypersensitive and impulsive. We have also noticed the rocking behavior of this character.

While watching the movie, we have discovered that Raymond is high functioning and has extraordinary skills. Doctors consider him to be an autistic savant. According to the doctor who treats Raymond, idiots savants “have certain deficiencies, certain abilities”. Raymond has excellent memory and remembers numbers, words, names, but not people. He is oriented on things only. He devotes a lot of time to reading and can quote any book he has read. Good counting ability is one of his skills. He shows his dexterity in an episode when he is in the casino and counts all the cards with no mistakes.

As one can conclude from the movie, Raymond has spent his life in an institution for people like himself. The case of him being kidnapped frrom his medical center promotes his development. Raymond meats some new people and manages to make connections with them. This is not a typical case for an autistic disorder. The situation with Raymond is not traditional. The movie Rain Man depicts autism disorder as a mental state in which the ill personality can be adjusted for life that is beyond one’s intuition. Raymond has a brother Charlie that wants to take care of him, but their relationship is a difficult way in which they feel different emotions about each other. Raymond behaves towards his brother with indifference and Charlie wants to believe that they can live together as normal people. In the end of the movie, doctors take Raymond back. They want him to be far away from the stressful environmental factors and society.

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The fictional character has been diagnosed. Raymond is an autistic personality that is depicted in the movie Rain Man. Autism is an incurable psychological disorder which prevents Raymond from living a normal life. Neither doctors, nor his family can help him join the world he does not want to be in. Even Raymond’s special ability does not make communication with other people easier. It is possible that he will stay in the institution for the rest of his life.

Custom Autism in the Movie Rain Man essay

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