Big Brother

The period of time that he had been within the Love Ministry, he could not tell. It became difficult to tell time, as the light was continually on. Jeff was staying in the cell, as he recovered from his preceding meeting with O’Donnell. He was not able to know how much suffering his body could tolerate due to the fact that, recently, the sessions have gotten more vicious than ever before. His body’s reflection in the mirror came up vividly in his thoughts. He recalled Samantha, who was there at that particular time. Had they harmed or murdered her? And suddenly, Jeff started shouting “Samantha! Samantha! my love!”

Jeff began remembering how they had met with Samantha at the coffee shop where he worked during his college years. Every day she would come to that coffee shop, but it took him 2 years to ask her out. After the first date, they realized how much they had in common and not long after they began dating. They had planned to have a nice life together, but after something that happened to him, this dream was shuttered.

He imagined that in 2-minute time, O’Donnell would enter the cell accompanied by some guards and begin another session of torture. His rehabilitation was therefore on the right track! Jeff kept sitting calm on his tiny bench despite the sound of the door propping open and the resounding footsteps. “Jeff, stand up”, a voice he had come to know said. “Jeff, be truthful. If you lie, you will live to regret it. What are you to Big Brother and what do you really feel about him?”

Jeff peered down below and contemplated for a while, weighing the options of saying the truth versus lying. He believed that, all things being equal, O’Donnell might have valued his determination. “I hate him.” O’Donnell rotated and uttered to his entourage: “Time has come for as to have a tête-à-tête at my workplace. I want to talk to him alone.” They thus chaperoned them to O’Donnell’s workplace. Once they set foot within the space and locked the door, Jeff became aware that there existed no screens and microphones within the area.

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His palms began to sweat. O’Donnell sat at one part of the table and pointed to a seat for Jeff. The room was now engulfed in silence, O’Donnell started talking: “Jeff you have got to understand that I always was aware that you would utter such words” he stated, scraping his bare head with one hairyarm, “and not for the reason of me ending you, on the contrary, in order that I may finally tell you one thing which will change the course of your fate.”

Jeff did not have the slightest idea what they were going to do to him next, therefore he sat impatiently on his chair attempting to keep his calm. “I apologize if I inflicted pain on you, however I had to. This is my work here at the Ministry of Affection, and that I got to keep my cool. I actually am a member of the Brotherhood, and that I can remove you from this dungeon.” The surprise of Jeff was clear on his face, and so he simply nodded. O’Donnell explained things and told him that the Brotherhood had several spies in all of the Ministries which they were nearly able to move. Moreover, each of Big Brother’s secretaries was a spy. During the next short period, the Party was going to be overthrown and slowly everybody would return to their traditional lives; they needed Jeff’s assistance to enable them do that.

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Some days – or perhaps weeks, it became impossible to keep track of time – Jeff was freed and returned to his traditional life. Soon after, he received a trifle piece of scrap paper on his desk at work from O’Donnell, informing him that the coup d’état was about to happen in a week. Jeff was terribly excited and scared at the same time, and therefore the days seemed like weeks and weeks seemed like months. The day finally arrived, and he had a meeting at dawn with O’Donnell in his place of work.

This was due to the fact that he wanted to have that conversation in private and not too risk them being heard. “This is the plan: at exactly midday our operators can put up all the computers screens, televisions, microphones and speakers and, within the confusion, you and I can go and kill Big Brother. Since people might be too shocked to understand that they're free, we'll fake that Big Brother continues to be alive, and slowly we'll change his orders to de-brainwash the thoughts of each person.”

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Jeff examined the plan and saw that it was perfect, since the Brotherhood turned out to be a lot larger than he thought. Jeff and O’Donnell waited within the workplace while not talking, simply smoking the cigarettes with sensible tobacco that the Inner Party members may have, and drinking a number of their real low with real sugar. The time came, and every one of the screens were turned off and panic struck town. Jeff and O’Donnell took advantage of the confusion and snuck into Big Brother’s mansion. After they got there, they found a big man sitting in an exceedingly huge chair, in front of thousands and thousands of televisions that had been switched off.

He held a large fluffy cat on his legs. “Thought you would take longer but I knew you were coming” he said, “I was aware this could happen eventually. I assumed I'd be able to stop it, however you turned out to be smarter than I thought:” O’Donnell did not waste any time; he took the gun that he had carried and pulled the trigger straight in the man’s face. They were finally free.

The Brotherhood had some nice hackers that were able to modify all of the messages that were sent through the screens. Gradually, the commands given to the people were to wear colors, to start out interacting with people. Households were restructured to remove from the town the image of decay that the ruined houses were suggesting to the residents. Very soon, everybody had the freedom to do whatever they wished, no matter how surprising it was at first. After the passing of some months, town looked nothing like it was before. Buildings were lovely, previous ruins were discovered and placed for show, the four ministries were abolished and everybody dressed differently.

The death of Big Brother and the beginning of a new government were announced. Town exploded with happiness and lived happily ever after. Even Jeff was enjoying the sun on his face in the park; he met with O’Donnell for the first time since they had been arrested. The instant they saw each other, their feeling towards each other was rekindled, and in a couple of weeks, they got married and had a contented life in freedom.

Finally, the struggle ended. He did not surrender and Big Brother was unable to get into his head and make Jeff love him. Jeff held true to his values and ideals throughout his struggle and, in the end, won the biggest victories of all.

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