My Analysis

Question 1

Argentine states that a number of seamen from Portugal and Spain where the first to spot the island of Falkland. This was in the year 1522 when Esteban Gómez discovered the isle on their way back to Spain. The case of Esteban is so far the most documented case showing that it has factual evidence that is backed up by written documents.  This is backed up by Maria Laura San Martino de Dromi who was an Argentine historian who lists maps dated from the year 1522-1561 that vividly illustrate the Malvinas off the mainland coast.  In 1816, Argentine made its first appearance on the historical arena.  The first ever recorded Argentine settlement in the island was in 1828 Caudillo, an Argentine warlord and Buenos Aires Juan Manuel de Rosas sent some people to work on the island.  The Argentine settlement was destroyed by the American warship due to some disputes. The Argentines were sent back to the mainland in 1833 by the Americans without firing a shot.  In the 1964 United Nation debate, claims raised by Argentina to Fakland were based on papal bull of 1493.

Question 2

The first person to sight the Falkland was John Davis in 1592. This is written down in the Encyclopedia Britannica.  The first ever recorded landing on the island was in 1690 by John Strong an English captain.  He was heading a British expedition. The name Falkland originated from the British. A portion of it was named Viscount Falkland which later came to be used to refer to the whole island. The British were the first to settle in the west Falkland Island in 1765. In 1770, the Spanish arrived in the island and asked the British to leave. Captain Hunt replied to their message by informing the Spanish that the island belonged to the Britannic Majesty.  This is because they discovered the island and settled thereafter.  The Spanish convinced the British to leave and left Spain in charge.

Question 3

According to my analysis, argentine has a stronger claim to the island compared to British. Esteban discovered the Falkland Island in 1522. This fact is well documented. The source is reliable and authentic showing that this information is accurate.  On the other hand, John Davis is claimed to be the first person to sight the island in 1592. The source of this information is not reliable. This is due to the fact that it is an English source and can be bias in some way due to the protection of interest.  Even if this source is entirely true, Esteban discovered the island 70 years before John Davis sighted the island.

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Question 4  

The Monroe Doctrine was a policy introduced in the late 1823 by the United States. The doctrine clearly stated that any act by the European states to colonize any part of either the Northern or southern part of America would be viewed as aggression thus forcing the United States to intervene.  England seizure of Falkland Island violated Monroe Doctrine in all ways. England is a European state, and attempts to take over the Island are viewed by the United States as aggression according to Monroe Doctrine policy of 1823.

Question 5

Based on my analysis of the case, the United States of America should have been on the side of Argentina. This is because England discovered the Island far much later after Britain. 70 years is such a long time. To add salt into the injury England is in Europe and acts of colonizing any part of America are viewed as acts of aggression by the United States of America according to Monroe’s Doctrine of 1823.  The United States of America should have been on the side of Argentine.

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