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Web Services is a software system intended to support in between machine to machine interaction over a network. It has an interface described in a machine procedure format or  

it is abstract concept that must be implemented by an agent and the agent is called the software and hardware that sends and received messages. Using one agent for particular web service means selecting one programming language; this can be used with a different agent with the same functions and can be changed daily. To communicate messages in web service architecture is usually described by a WSDL document. It defines the message formats, data types, transporting of protocols and transport serialization of formats which used between the requester agent and the provider agent. Provider agent can invoke the specific message in one or more network locations with some information about the message exchange pattern which is expected. The different ways of implementing document and other function style services can be described as follows:

a)Document: the content of <soap:Body> is specified by XML scheme. It need not to follow specific SOAP conventions. The shortest way to send SOAP message as one document in the <soap:Body> element without additional formatting rules. Document style is the default choice.

b)RPC: Remote Procedure Call style structure is <soap:Body> element have to comply with the specific rules applicable. According to the rules <soap:Body> may contain only one element which is named after the operation, also all the parameters have to presented as sub-elements of this wrapped element. Therefore the SOAP messages confirming to a document style WSDL may view as exactly RPC equivalent.

c) SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol is the most universally used XML based protocol.

Common web service standards assist in developing service oriented architecture amongst organizations within the advertising industry meeting with the requirements of  a) Different systems, styles and programing languages which are provide the basic integration between different applications on different platforms through a comment protocol. Example: One agent using one language or style and the next day another style will be used by the company, the web service will understand it as in between these two there is a common protocol to understand the architecture and will support to exchange the data. b) Need to establish and maintain data flow to a federated data base system. Therefore the advantages of using common standard of architecture explain any agent can understand even use of different styles.

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Web service tools and development environments generate maximum productivity and benefit of developing web services based apps. When use of web services need an agreement which will provide a good understanding of the standards.  To create standardized web services need to accomplish with: a) Developer independent, b) Application function independent, c) Middleware independent, d) User independent, e) Can enable off-the-shelf reusable application adapters from third parties (R Mackiewicz 2006). The Digital Age and the digital revolution affect all of us by virtue of their process innovations with in web services. Therefore the benefits achieved by users through web services may describe as, currently used office business appliances such as faxes, have to be typed in on computers, and computers giving instructions to the printers, copiers etc., all these equipment and devices directly attached into one digital platform, to get more efficient service and productivity, also it promote interoperability and standardization too. Therefore the middlemen in the business can be deleted. Web-based companies bypass traditional retail channels and sell directly to the customer; traditional intermediaries may find themselves out of a job. Electronic checking systems take money from users' checking accounts to pay utility and phone bills, credit card systems, make purchases at Web sites that support that particular online store, as click a Pay button to initiate a credit card payment. The benefits of the industry service standards are a) tactful, cutting operational cost and increase efficiency, strategically keeping the distance between the organization and the competition, specifically reducing the purchase prices, Inventory costs and procurement charges, delivery documents with in seconds without lost or damage and improve the customer service. 

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A clear, accurate justification for the recommended approach in terms of the capability of the proposed formats XSD vs DTD: For Document Type Definitions (DTDs), XML Schema is the most commonly used. Both DTD and XSD are still in the theoretical levels. Freed from all syntactic sugar, XML Schemas just like an extension of DTDs with a limited form of specialty. The differences of these two formats can be described as: a) DTDs are not allowed the extra features/expressiveness of XML Schema when in practice. b) The structural properties are very much sophisticated in both formats. c) DTD use the new features presented by XML Schema in structural level and DTD normally administers XML. In the history Document Type Definitions is the first to describe the structure of XML documents. The increasing success of XML is a good sign though, when compared to DTDs, there are many shortcomings in the description of schemas. According to the web XML Schema is the mostly accepted format at present. The definition of XML Schema is quite complicated and the structures of it are not always very clear. The investigations found that many of the XSDs collected from the Web, and the features of XML Schema not happening in DTDs are used in practice currently. XML Schema specification was still under development. Anyhow XML Schema introduces many features, than XSD. Also it is clear that DTDs and XSDs are both grammar based where XML Schema in addition is extended with a limited typing mechanism (Geert Jan Bex 2004). SOAP is an XML-based messaging protocol which is getting very vast demand and it is a cheap in cost wise too. It defines a set of rules to single messaging but is very useful for performing RPC-style request-response dialogues. It is not tied with any transport protocol though HTTP. Also it is not tied to any particular operating system or programing language so theoretically therefore this gives an advantage  to the clients and servers to recognize the format which runs in any platform and written in any language as they can easily formulate and understand SOAP messages. Therefore SOAP is well recognized in working with web services applications. The developers normally write the service method in Java and using an Oracle implementation of JDBC connects to the database. The listener process is a Java Servlet running within a Servlet Engine such as Tomcat. The servlet has access to some Java classes capable of decoding and encoding SOAP messages (such as Apache SOAP for Java) and is listening for those messages as an HTTP POST. The transport is HTTP over TCP/IP. If the client is an excel spreadsheet and It uses a VB Macro which in turn exploits the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit to encode a SOAP request and decode the response received.  On the client side the VB Macro relies on the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit (the SOAP DLLs) and as well as HTTP Connector interfaces. Such HTTP Connector DLLs are characteristically already installed as a part of Internet Explorer. Therefore on the server side that the SOAP package relies on some XML Parser to parse the SOAP messages (Geert Jan Bex, 2006).

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The use of generic interface standards is widely used in the web services. Also accepted and demanded in many industries based OPC Foundation standards.

a)500 + members of users and vendors.

b)2000 + industries supporting OPC.

c)Hundreds of companies are implementing OPC MS-COM based Architecture.

These are the current industry practices, which are currently being used (R Mackiewicz, 2006).

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