Critique of an Article

While analyzing and evaluating the article, it becomes clear that the main idea of the authors is to teach people how to get more money from the restaurant sales. It becomes clear from the abstract: “While discounting may get more people in the door, it doesn't always translate into more profit… But once customers are sitting at a table or standing at the bar, there are ways you can get them to spend more”.  Authors of the article recommend the restaurateurs to sell more premises and to get more money. They give the pieces of advice about how to sell more. The examples they offer are divided into paragraphs: “Profitable partners”, “Put desserts on sale”, “Click and count”, “Remodel the menu”, “Share the wealth”, “Growing veggies… and revenue”, “Deluxe ingredients”, “Add-ons add up”, “Care for an appetizer before that appetizer?”, “Serve it up”, “Wine by the sip or the glass”, “Bread for bread”, “Profits on the side”. All these paragraphs include the arguments, good examples of how the idea was realized and opinions of spesialists.

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The article is well-structured, it has logical arguments. In general, the text is well-organized, clear and easy to read, comprehend and there are sufficient evidences for the arguments. For example, let us take the following abstract: “Remodel the menu. Make it really, really easy for customers to find the profit boosters”. It is the idea of the abstract.  “Like houses, menus can be made to function better: improving category sales, for instance, or changing the menu mix” are the samples of the arguments. “Last November, the dated, cumbersome spiral bound fonnat – hard for customers to read, and harder still for franchisees to update – was remade into a sleek quadrifold that lays everything out at one glance” are examples. "It's definitely improved our drink sales", says senior director of marketing Karri Benishek, who presided over multiple format tests” is the opinion of a specialist. It should be mentioned that the whole article is written in such a way.

I would like to share my opinion about the main idea of the article, which is to teach people how to get more money from the restaurant sales. I think that a restaurateur has to treat the visitors as guests and not to think only about revenue they get. That will bring them prosperity. The idea which I am speaking about is widely applied in the East in the aphorism about “eastern hospitality”. The idea of kindly and hearty treating of the visitors can be found in some paragraphs of an article, while in the other ones visitors are perceived only as the moneybags. The abstracts to prove my point of view are the following: “Let them see your garden and they'll pay a premium for its bounty”, “Just give customers the option to buy more and guess what... they buy more”. By this I mean that the visitors are treated simply like customers in a super-market.

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The article is almost ideal. First, the text is appropriate for the intended audience and I am sure that the suggested tips will become beneficial for the readers. Second, this text shades the light onto the principle of “how to earn more money” in different ways, thus helping the reader to understand the subject.

There are some ideas that evoke a strong response from me. For example, there is the abstract “Growing veggies… and revenue”, where the authors propose the restaurateurs to plant their own garden, to place tables in it and to use the veggies and herbs from this garden when cooking dishes. There is a sentence in this abstract: “People are tempted by the bounty and are willing to pay a premium”. I think it is cynicism to speak about bounty and paying a premium in one sentence. It is worth mentioning that not a real bounty cares only about the feedback. I do not stand for the idea that the authors are cynic people, but my opinion is that they should express their idea about bounty and profit in another way. They should remember that real bounty should not expect anything in return.   

I liked the idea of proposing little snacks, nibbles and tastes before the appetizers and mains are served. Another good idea, which is expressed in a proper way, is “We don’t want servers to be to pushy – we just want to make people aware of what is available”.

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There is also a good idea, offered by the authors to sell the wine “by the 5-oz. glass, 3-oz. demi or 1-oz. taste”. They conclude that “from a marketing perspective Sent Sobi not only sells more wine, but it also pulls in wine-savvy customers who wouldn't ordinarily come”.

To sum up, I reckon that the article is written in a proper way and worth being published. Among the pluses of the article are its good and timely research base, practical and feasible material, illustrations, logical arguments, well-organized manner, accurate facts and sufficient evidences for the arguments. The text is appropriate for the intended audience; it helps the reader to understand the subject. Among the weaknesses of the article are unethical ideas.

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