New Project to Keep Stored Water Safe

An article “New Project to Keep Stored Water Safe for 1,000 Years” of 16 October 2010 written by Binsal Abdul Kader and published on the site deals with the issue of underground storage of water in districts of Abu Dhabi’s. Aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) project presented by scientists is claimed to keep the water drinkable for a very long period.

It is mentioned that the technology is rather costly, yet worth of $6 billion spent on it. It is based on supplying underground waters with fresh water in order to create a sub-surface storage. This technology, approved by the local environment agency, enables to comply with long-term water demands of the UAE capital. In this regard, ASR can be considered pioneering, for all the previous scientific inventions applied in neighboring countries made it possible to store water for 1 to 5 days only, which is insufficient in a crisis situation. It is also explained that the technology of water injection will preserve the natural features of both substances despite the fact that the underground water is saline: the mixture of waters will result in such salinity figures which will still allow distinguishing it as potable. Recovery rates of the waters are also claimed to be high.

Environment agency deals with implementing two projects in water management in two Abu Dhabi districts and is supported by a range of other governmental bodies. Launch of the pilot project in Liwa turned out to be successful, so by 2012 another project aiming at purely emergency purposes had to be in operation. The author of the article also describes a production plan of this project divided into two phases with substantial increase of effectiveness.

The article is accompanied by a photograph depicting Chief Hydrologist at International Services explaining the principles of work of ASR at international symposium.

As a conclusion Kader claims that the main benefit of ASR is that it does not require large areas of land and manages to save a lot of storage costs.

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