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Democrats: Americans who Dislike ObamaCare are Stupid

According to the Quinnipiac University’s last week poll, majority of Americans do not want ObamaCare to remain valid; meanwhile the number of its supporters decreased lately as well. Democrats believe Americans oppose to ObamaCare only because they do not know about all of its benefits. Some politicians believe that the healthcare reform will become more popular with time. Moreover, it turns out that the more Americans learn about ObamaCare, the less they feel OK about it. Americans now know that ObamaCare implies government-controlled mandatory insurance, followed by the rise of prices. As the new healthcare program fully launches in 2014, it will cause employers to go looking for some alternative ways of insurance purchasing. The benefits of the program will be demolished by the higher costs, poor quality, bureaucracy and overall government control.

The article criticizes the upcoming healthcare program, launched by the current US president Barak Obama – ObamaCare. I believe the author of the article had made a deep research of the issue before it was published. The numbers, reflecting the changes of the society’s opinion regarding ObamaCare look quite impressive. People changed their mind significantly in the researched period of time. Author made a good point by emphasizing the role of the media in planting the ObamaCare deep in the mind of the society. Quoting of different politicians reflects the way society would react on the ObamaCare in the future. It cannot but makes us think about the way we decide on what and who to support – such kind of things mostly depend on our idols, either ethical or political. The article made me think over my own position on the ObamaCare – arguments like government dependence and higher costs compared to low quality make me ask myself a question – who is going to benefit from ObamaCare at most.



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