Whether we want it or not but we have all once come across such an issue as cheating and plagiarism in our life. Unfortunately, quite a large percent of pupils and students prefer to copy material and use it as if it is original. Such an approach serves as an easy way to get the desired high grade and praise. The notion of plagiarism appeared many centuries ago as a result of constant imitation. Plagiarism and imitation used to be the only possible ways to share both human knowledge and experience over the next generations. The biggest harm of plagiarism is that it may appear first at school and later effect individual’s career and business status.

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Cheating and plagiarism are usually perceived as something prohibited and attained in a dishonest way. There is quite a large range of reasons for cheating including such factors as a strong desire to succeed at any cost despite stress, anxiety and some personal worries. Besides, many individuals get used to cheating and plagiarism, and later they tend to be unable to think logically and do the required researches on their own.

It should be said that a great range of examples of dishonesty and unfairness in our world makes cheating simply a necessary life skill that is essential in order to be successful. The problem of cheating in colleges and some other educational institutions will scarcely disappear. However, it can be decreased at least somehow. And this is the main task of teachers and parents to take a proper care of this question. It is important “to build students' understanding of such notion as plagiarism and set the required expectations for academic honesty” (Gilmore, 2008). It is the task of educational system to emphasize the importance of honesty and morality within the learning process and thus make individuals aware of the negative impact of plagiarism on their personal development and success.

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