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Physical Evidence in the O. J. Simpson

The case involving Orenthal James Simpson that lasted 9months-January 24th 1995 to October 3rd 1995-dominated a lot of attention from the mass media, so much so, that it was nicknamed the “Trial of the Century”. In all of American history, a trial is yet to beat the propaganda associated with this case. O.J. Simpson, once a famous professional football star before retiring in 1979, to turn to football broadcasting and acting, became the defendant in a trial that begun as a double murder case, and ended up being a criminal trial. This was after the former spouse, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her companion Ronald Goldman were found brutally murdered outside his condo. Majority of the people did not entirely concur with the ruling and this caused uproar. It is probable that the reason this case was this publicized was the fact that it ‘combined’ a famous former football star-cum-soap opera actor, interracial marriage, sex, violence, multiple murders, and drugs.

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There were several pieces of evidence that linked O.J to the murder, despite the fact that there were neither no murder weapons, nor eye witnesses at the scene where the murders took place. It is argued that there was a bloody trail left behind by Simpson, from the staircase of the condominium to the alley behind it, and on his driveway. Secondly, at the crime scene, hair samples that matched OJ’s DNA were recovered on Ronald Goldman’s body. Moreover, bloody shoe print evidence, same size as OJ, were found at Brown’s condo. Simpson’s truck also had traces of blood identified to be from both victims. In addition to this, a leather glove with bloodstains was recovered somewhere on Simpson’s home grounds. There was a matching  leather glove found near the two dead bodies, with the victims’ blood, and OJ’s. Simpson who had a deep cut on his right hand, claimed not to know the source, during questioning.

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The physical evidence in the investigation was so much, that the police sought a warrant for his arrest. When enough evidence against him was accumulated, they got the warrant. Simpson was put under arrest as he tried to escape, with equipment to help disguise himself.  This brought conflict between the African-American and the white American. To the African-American, evidence was not sufficient to convict OJ with murder. It split the black and whites (Peter, 1988).

The biggest problems with the physical evidence were the inept manner with which it was handled. The evidence, especially the blood samples, were either tampered with or mishandled. If neither, then the evidence was questionable. It did not help that there were no real witnesses either. Upon further investigation, no forensic chemicals were recovered at the scene of the crime. This made the conclusion that OJ had murdered the two questionable; since there was no explanation as to how anyone could differentiate his blood from the two victims’.

To make the evidence against OJ Simpson less doubtful, there are a few different approaches that the authorities should have taken. For example, the case should not have had that many media overkill. This is because it affected the way crucial people, like witnesses, played their role in court. The physical evidence should not have been tampered with whilst in the laboratories. Forensics should have investigated the crime, with chemicals to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that OJ Simpson undoubtedly was the villain, and he was not being framed. The criminalists and coroners should also have enforced a rule where no one else, but them, could have access to the crime scene before they fully analyzed it.

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Considering the mistakes made by the Department of Police in Los Angeles and the Lab personnel during the collection, handling and processing of the evidence was not a proper decision made by the courts regarding the physical evidence. This is because the basic mistakes made by the two departments dealing with the processing of the evidence cost the state its case, despite the exorbitant evidence mounting up against OJ Simpson.

Custom Physical Evidence in the O. J. Simpson essay

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