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In modern academic process, plagiarism has become a common phenomenon due to various objective and subjective reasons. Plagiarism cases have been observed mostly in college and university assignments. Students search an easier way to complete their assignments and reach academic success, they go for a short cut instead of doing it the proper way. Performing this action, they forget to give due credit to the author of the original text from where they borrowed their materials and information.

Copying and pasting from other sources is the easiest and the most dangerous form of plagiarism that must be discouraged at any cost. Measures of reducing plagiarism will not only protect student’s academic integrity but will also save precious time and reputation of the institution.

My Tutor Case

Among thewell-known cases where plagiarism was found and penalized was the My Tutor Case that occurred back in the year 2001. It began with the commencement of the semester, when one of the staff members took note of a noticeable advertisement by a particular tutor, whose name is omitted here for an obvious reason. The advertisement also included his contact information; e-mail and cell number. It appeared to be a unique thing in the beginning, but soon this spread, like a wild fire throughout the institution, and more“tutors” were offering their services to students. These “services” offered the research paper writing solutions.

Clement (2009) suggests that this was not acceptable to the institution as it could have become a major issue. The case took another turn during the examination when one of the students submitted the paper with the wrong name. The administration immediately ordered an investigation, and ordered all suspicious papers to be rechecked for quality and originality. No surprise, few papers were found to have a similar writing pattern idea and formulation, though other aspects were different.

This forced the administration to take drastic steps to reduce such activities among students. Among those was the inclusion of high quality plagiarism software that was able to identify the text, specific syntax matching etc. There was another noticeablefeature about the some student’s results. Students, who failed or got bad grades in previous exams, not only passed this time around, but did their work in a more efficient manner that was not a norm for them in accordance to their track records (Clement, 2009).

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How to Stop Plagiarism

Since the arrival of the Internet, there has been a gust of online writing companies that are not only offering their services at affordable rates but are also promising to provide unpatrolled quality work and other marketing gimmicks. It has provided a student who commits plagiarism whether willingly or at times unintentionally with more opportunities. Professor Dick (2009) holds the opinion that there remains little doubt that due to strictness and sheer hard work, some students do look to attain shortcuts to get their assignments done, which is a challenge to any faculty administration.

There were various other cases where students were caught red handed while aiding each other in doing an assignment or writing a research paper. This may not appear to be a pure plagiarism case, but in the context of the idea of writing an assignment, it remains a form of plagiarism and cheating (Dick, 2009).

At college and university levels, the assignment writing is a criterion that gives teachers an idea of how capable and hard working each of their students is, and how much writing and learning potential they possess. This judgment paves the way for allotted assignments to various students at different levels, as Foster says (2010). However, there seems to be a gap between a student’s frame of mind and that of a teacher/professor, because what a teacher sees as a potential capability assessment for a student; on the other hand, the student thinks of it as a burden and a hurdle in his/her successful career.

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This might be a harsh assessment of the overall situation but by judging from various plagiarism cases that have taken place in the last ten years or so, this trend seems to be the most likely case of why students choose the shortcut path instead of working hard and dedicating themselves to their respectable studies.


In conclusion, teachers, proffesors, and other parties involved must see the reasons why plagiarism happens, and instead of suggesting harsh punishments for those who have indulged in it, the society should address the core issue of how to eliminate the reasons. Time management is one of the prime factors why students indulge in plagiarism. Students are usually pushed to act this way. Suppose a student has to do three assignments in one day. The date of submission is in three days. Each assignment must be 6 pages long with well researched case studies to be included, and properly cited. Each reference must be original, and so must be the study included in it.

What the logic says? Obviously an efficient student will work his way out using own powers and legitimate means, and will get good result in the end; but the question is, what will the majority of students do? They will initially try to do it themselves; most likely, they will not succeed. They will take the short cut, i.e. they will whether buy a low quality paper from the online essay writing service, or will plagiarise some original content. In either case, he/she may escape the penalty once, but will not manage to do so the next time.

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