Metaphysics – Epistemology

The main aim of science is nature analysis, description and explanation of the processes that take place in it. However, science is not only an instrument for nature investigation it is a theoretical field first, the aim of which is to make the process under analysis clear and understandable for the scientists. If to speak about science as an instrument that produces knowledge about the world epistemology of science will study the questions about its functioning. The main question of epistemology will be why is the data received as a result of the analysis of nature process may be considered as knowledge about this process as it is? The question referring the object under investigation and its existence is metaphysical.

The greater part in philosophy is taken by the questions that contrast with epistemological ones. These are about what is “reality” in general and in cases like that metaphysics means the type of questions that the nature may be asked. Is there an independent reality, do the people disturb the world when they try to investigate it and get to know, is time and space endless or they have their end? All problems like these are metaphysical but there are also questions that relate to both epistemology and metaphysics. They are mostly questions about determination, causation and probability of the nature’s character. To understand the difference and similarity between two notions one should answer the questions what is he or she in reality is and what is his or hers true face and the one that everybody see is. Nevertheless, at the same time there is a consideration in philosophy that the real true face and the so-called essence of the person cannot be ever seen or even defined by the person because this part of a person is the most sacramental and the most important part of every human being.

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